Black Friday

"No one goes there anymore, it's too crowded"- Yogi Berra

And, hey- shouldn't you be out amongst the hoards instead of sitting at your computer? (Smart phones excepted, especially if you're waiting in line). It's Black Friday! There is a 32" plasma at Target for $350 if you get there by 4:30 AM. 

Or, maybe you're already back. How did it go? I hope you got some good deals.
This is one tradition I have opted out of. I have been invited to join in the festivities, and I call  friends who braved the rush to hear their tales of deals and bargains, but I just can't (won't) join in. 
Scott & I have a pact, albeit tacit, that in our family, sleep comes first. Pair my love of sleep with my intense aversion to crowds, and you can understand why I stay indoors on this day. Seriously, I won't leave. 
I fear that I am passing on my dislike of crowds to my kids. If there is a long line, we won't wait. We shop at off hours. We arrive early or very late to events to avoid the hustle & bustle. (blogger's giggling sidenote: I just wrote hustle, but it looked so naked, as you really also need to bustle. Like hem & haw - who haws? I asked Scott for a few more of these- see below for his reply-now you know why I married that guy**.) Anyway...
I hope today finds you still full, with a fridge loaded with leftovers (and pies), and a great bargain for under the tree or Hanukkah from your early morning treasure hunting. 
Now, go reheat a feast and watch some football!
**Scott's reply: "Lo and behold, am I at your beck and call for blog advice and consent?  Fine, I'll give you all the thoughts I can beg, borrow and steal. 

For all intents and purposes, I'm feeling fine today, but not quite dandy.  I can't blame trials, but there have been too many tribulations.  I'm ebbing but not quite flowing.  By and large, there's been too much back and forth.  I suppose that's par for the course for the rank and file.  It's part and parcel of my existence.  I think I need to be wined and dined, or maybe I just need some rest and relaxation.  For now I guess I'll just grin and bear it. "

P.S.: it's raining cats out there. 

Hugs and kisses.  Over and out. 

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