Oh, My Head!

We pass on our traits to our children. We all know this. It really is the coolest part of becoming a parent and ultimately, of genetics. You rediscover your grandfathers blue eyes in your son (Jack B.). Your daughter has your freckles or maybe dad's dimple. Cool. Three cheers to the awesomeness of DNA!
One day, I was floored to see my son giving rides on the back of his tricycle to some worms. "My God," I thought, "I did that".  Hhmmm, yet I never showed him. I called my mom immediately to tell her about it, and we both laughed over how I would ride rolly-pollys or worms around on my tryke for hours. Seeing a part of who you are manifest in someone else was not something I really gave thought to before having kids. It was always about hair color or who's ears they'll have (mine=big & floppy, Scott's= small & cute), never our behaviors (or quirks).
Well, I recently discovered that I handed down something else to my daughter, something I wouldn't wish upon anyone. She has been diagnosed with migraines- at age 8. Poor kid. I am SO sorry! I am fully aware that there are far worse things to pass down (Tay Sachs, Sickle Cell Disease, Cystic Fibrosis...), so I do count my blessings that it is just this. It still sucks though.
I remember what my favorite genetics professor said (Oh, Mrs. J. Steinberg, I still think of you as the Jewish Grandmother I never had!), as she suffered from migraines too. She'd tell us that they hit "the best and the brightest of us".  Amen, sista. (Yes, there are great and brilliant people not afflicted by these headaches, but when you are curled up in the dark in bed, afraid to move lest you throw up, that thought can be a lifesaver: groan- "it's because I'm bright!")
So, my dearest Zoe, I am sorry to have to welcome you to the club. You are not alone. Ay, Mama!

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