Life Returning to Normal

After the elation of finding out you're pregnant, the pregnancy, and the arrival fo the new baby we find out, quite abruptly, that our life isn't normal, as we are accustomed to, anymore.  Now in order to leave the house there's a need to get a diaper bag ready.  Then you have to get the baby and yourself ready.  In the meantime you are hoping that the baby doesn't get dirty or needs to eat.  This issue multiples if you have other young children and if those others are in diapers then the situation really gets bad.  Finally, you can leave and hope for an uneventful outing.

Then there's that sleep issue.  Prior to children you could sleep as long as you want and whenever you want.  With the new baby your sleep patterns completely change and they are dictated by this new baby.  During the midnight feedings we think, when will be able to sleep normally again.  Of course, this changes when you have other children.  The other children won't wake you during the night but they will come in bright and early in the morning to wake you.  This sleep issues goes hand in hand with privacy.  With a small baby privacy is compromised because they just cry for you until you get them.  With older children, your privacy is compromised because they can just barge into your room without knocking.

Well, recently on a Saturday morning that I happened to sleep in until 8:00 I thought,"Wow I slept this late without someone waking me.  I can get used to this.  My life is returning to some type of normalcy.  I can sleep longer, my diaper bag is easier to get together and my children have learned to knock on the door before barging into my room.  Also, I can leave the house with relative ease with all the girls.  The 2 older girls can dress themselves and the baby can stay cleaner longer. "  I came to realize that my life is returning to a new normal that is easier to handle and not as stressful.  Will my life ever be normal to the way it was without children, of course it won't.  But, returning to some predictability and ease is better than being dictated by small children. 

For those of you who think that life will never be the same, it will get better with time.  We just need to be patient and accept this new normal.  Ay mamá!

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