Florida! Here We Come!

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By the end of February (2010), things were looking up. Atia had been undergoing Maintenance treatment for over three months and was processing it well. Asher was nearly five months old and more interactive by the day.

Life was becoming somewhat "normal."

We decided to take a quick trip to Ft. Myers, Florida to visit Steve's mom, brother Mike and his family. It was our first time out-of-state since Atia was diagnosed eleven months earlier. We were excited to go, but a little apprehensive. Fortunately, we had a "security blanket" - Mike is a doctor - so we knew exactly who to call if Atia got sick on vacation.

We stayed with Steve's family for most of the week and then rented a car and drove to Orlando for the remainder of the trip. I have family there, so we got a chance to visit with my aunt, cousins and grandpa. No, we did not go to Disney. With family in the area, we have plenty of time for that later.

We stayed with my cousin Becky and her family. Becky is one of my best friends (the one who ran the marathon in my honor) and she had recently become a mother. It was neat relating to her on a different level - celebrating the joys of motherhood - and it was great introducing the kids to one another.

In addition to being a successful lawyer, Becky is also an amazingly talented photographer, and while there she offered to take pictures of our family. We jumped at the chance; believe me, you would have too. The pictures turned out beautifully and I treasure them. They captured the beginning stages of Atia's hair regrowth, and if you've been following my blogs, then you know how monumental that was.

Florida was a great getaway; a much needed escape. While there, I felt like I could breathe easier - All in my head? Maybe. When we got home, our batteries were recharged and we were ready to face reality again.

Be sure to scroll through each of the pictures to see the ones Becky took.


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  • i love Atia's golden hair! and her barrets look adorable!! :)

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