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By April, Asher was six months old and was up to 20 pounds. He LOVED his solid foods and gobbled up green beans, carrots, peas and cereal. He was on the verge of moving into 9 to 12 month clothes and his top right tooth had broken skin. We could see the left one just below the gums too. So, he was in pain and crabby.

Atia was processing her chemotherapy fairly well. Yes, she was moody but after getting through her steroids, things seemed to mellow out a bit. She also happened to be featured on Ana's Around Town segment on WGN-TV's morning news. It was super cool seeing my baby on TV and hearing Ana talk about her, especially since Ana knew Atia so well, as Ana's daughter Amelia and Atia were growing up together.

Having friends in high places doesn't hurt because Ana was also able to get the ladies of "Ay, Mama!" a spot on WGN-TV's midday news. It was my first time telling Atia's story on air, so I was incredibly nervous and I'm NOT KIDDING. I was literally shaking in my seat. Ana, of course, is amazing and led me through the interview flawlessly.


Our Midday Interview:

It was the first time we had all met in person. Ana formed our group; that's how I got this gig. She, of course, knew each of us, but we didn't know each other. However, over time I have learned many wonderful qualities about my co-bloggers. No wonder Ana likes each of us. She has good taste!


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  • Very nice, Laura! It's been a pleasure working with you on this Ay Mama! project :-)

  • aw shucks, ya made me blush! The best part of everything has been getting to know you ladies! (and your kids!!!)

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