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Atia, Atia, we love you.
You shine brighter than the stars, the sun and the moon.
You're an angel from heaven above.
You fill us up with love.

Upon our return from Florida, we were back in the SPA (special procedures area) at Comer Children's hospital for a quick chemotherapy port injection, followed by a 5-day steroid treatment. Atia did not cry during the injection and throughout the week she processed the drugs fairly well. However, she did suffer some pesky poopy cramps.

The rest of February was fairly uneventful, which we liked. We thoroughly enjoyed our down time.

Early March, we were contacted by WGN-TV asking to do a story on Atia and her Songs of Love song. Back in August (2009), Atia received a one-of-a-kind custom song from that organization. The tune was catchy and the lyrics were magical; it included all of Atia's favorite people, toys, food and animals. Atia loved hearing her name in the song; she sang along when she felt well and tapped her toes when she didn't.

Atia's song became one of our prized possessions. Songs of Love had given us an irreplaceable gift - they had captured a moment in time with music - and we wanted to share it with the world. Thus began my mission to bring awareness to this amazing organization. I sent our story to everyone and finally caught WGN-TV's attention.

It was Atia's first experience being followed around by a camera. She was definitely standoffish in the beginning. But, Steve, the cameraman was incredibly warm and patient; we could tell he was a father. He told us how taken he was with Atia's bravery. He kept imagining his own children going through what she had been through and it broke his heart.

Steve and Katharin, the producer, were amazing to work with. Seriously, WGN-TV hires the nicest people that really care about what they are doing.

Steve (the cameraman, not to be confused with my husband) was responsible for piecing the video together and Katharin wrote the script. Together they worked tirelessly editing and re-editing making sure it was just right; they wanted it to be perfect for Atia. Katharin called me the day after it aired to get my feedback.

I loved the story. I loved the footage. I loved the music. I loved Atia pushing her stroller while wearing her sunglasses, hat and purse. I loved it when she sang, "No more monkeys jumping on the bed." I loved that Atia got so excited seeing herself on TV. I loved that they showed her running into the arms of her amazing doctor, Dr. Rubin. I loved that people learned about Atia and Songs of Love.

Simply put, I loved EVERYTHING about this.

Please help support the organizations that bring smiles to the faces of those in need. You have seen first hand what they have done for us. Isn't it incredible to see how much so little can do? Atia loves her song and always asks to listen to it on the way to the hospital. It helps distract her from what she will be enduring when we arrive. Your help can give another child their own song to sing along to.

To learn more about Songs of Love, click here.


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