What a Scare ! - Part 2

As you know from last week's post, after a night of fun in our bounce house, Dylan woke up complaining of pain in his leg and refusing to walk on it. Since he had shown no signs of an injury the previous evening, I had no idea what could be the matter with him. Terrified that he had a dislocated hip or a fracture on his leg, I gave him some Ibuprofen for the pain and called 911 and asked for an ambulance to take us to the hospital.

Almost as soon as I hung up the phone, the Fire Department was ringing the doorbell (it helps that I only live about a block from the fire station). They asked me a few questions as to what happened and then went over to Dylan and started asking him what the matter was. Dylan was very brave, and told them his leg hurt, even pointed out the point in his leg that hurt. However, when the fireman tried to touch his leg to assess the injury, he started screeching again. The fireman noted that he was "guarding" the hip area, meaning he was positioning himself in such a way as to protect it from anyone touching it.

A few minutes later, paramedics were walking in the door with a stretcher. I'd been so frazzled and worried about Dylan that I didn't even hear the sirens as the ambulance arrived. They also asked a few questions as to what happened, then they approached Dylan and lifted him up to this hard plastic immobilizer board and onto the stretcher. Dylan screeched and screeched, both in pain and fear, and reached his arms out to me. Tears were now spilling down my face as I clung to my boy and walked with the stretcher towards the front door and into the ambulance.

We saw a doctor just about immediately upon arriving in the Emergency Room. She explained that she would like to take an X-Ray and also do some blood tests to rule out any other conditions that might manifest themselves as hip pain. I couldn't even begin to allow myself to think about what those could be. All this while, Dylan lay perfectly still on the stretcher. This frightened me more than anything. Dylan NEVER stays still for any length of time. Not even in his sleep.

The X-Ray was a nightmare, with more crying and screeching on Dylan's part, and the blood test didn't go any better. However, he was soon pacified when the nurse brought out some stickers and a little stuffed lobster as a gift for being such a good boy. Now we waited.

About an hour after we arrived in the emergency room, Dylan started laughing and trying to play with me. This made me feel better. The Ibuprofen had definitely taken effect and he seemed to be a bit more comfortable. Suddenly, he turned over on the stretcher, bending his injured leg under him. He was moving it!

A few minutes later, he started crawling up and down the stretcher, trying to get down. I called the doctor to see if it was OK to let him move around so much. She came in and stated that the X-Rays had not shown any kind of damage and that all the blood tests had come out normal. She asked Dylan if she thought he could stand, and he said yes, so we lowered him down to the ground. He seemed to be all right. She then asked him if he could walk. Dylan took one halting step, then another. I could see a bit of a limp in his step, but he didn't seem to be in any pain. Suddenly, and without warning, Dylan tood off RUNNING down the emergency room at full speed, laughing like a maniac!

After I  chased after him and brought him back into the room, red-faced with embarrassment (me, not Dylan), the doctor - shaking with laughter - said he seemed to be feeling better and that I should just try to restrict his activities for the rest of the day. We were released from the hospital a few minutes later, and by that evening, Dylan was acting as though he had never felt pain in his entire life.

To this day, I am still mystified. Not only do I have no idea what happened to cause Dylan this injury in the first place, I have no idea how he could go from being in so much pain he couldn't move to sprinting down the ER without so much as a grimace. If anyone has any theories as to what could have happened, I would be happy to hear them. For now I am leaning towards the one where maybe he possesses Wolverine's mutant healing powers. No matter what it was, I'm just glad my boy is fine, and hope we don't have to see the inside of an ambulance ever again!



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  • Thank goodness....turned out o.k.! Certainly don't know what was going on that AM....but when I shared about this w/my neighbor (Veronica)....she remembered the same thing happening to one of her friend's kids....could it be real strong/ significant form of growing pains?? Just glad nothing major. :)

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    Somebody told me the same thing happened to their kid once too! Weird. Whatever it was, as you said, thank goodness all turned out well!

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    THAT is scary!!!So glad that Dylan is okay! If I ever hear of any similar story, and what the outcome was, I will let you know!

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    Thanks, Anita! Now I'm really curious to see how many people have gone through something like this. As always, thanks for reading!

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    Mi opinion m

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    Definitivamente que lo hare...pero ojala no vuelva a suceder nunca!!!!

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    A similar thing happened to Cole. We were playing at the park and after an hour, he was limping. He did not fall or step funny. It continued for a few hours and after his nap, he was fine. Glad Dylan is ok.

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    So strange...I'm hearing about more and more people having this experience. And it always seems to be with boys. Hmmm...

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