Project Ladybug in Atia's Name and Oprah!

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Did you know that September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? It's especially meaningful to me, since as you know Atia is being treated for ALL leukemia. So, I wanted to tell you about two very exciting things that are happening at this very moment -- things you can help with and they won't cost you a cent. I swear!


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First, Dina Manzo of The Real Housewives of NJ is bringing a Project Ladybug fund to Chicago in Atia's name. We couldn't be more honored. She simply needs to raise a little more money to get started, and it just so happens that TODAY ONLY Del Prado will donate $1 to Project Ladybug (@projectladybug) for every NEW @abolishcancer follower on Twitter.


So, if you have a Twitter account, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE become an@abolishcancer follower. And if you don't have a Twitter account, please create one. It'll only take a few minutes.

In the last few hours, $5,000 has been raised! 

To learn more about Project Ladybug, listen to Dina explaining it in her own words on our radio show.

PLEASE NOTE: The above twitterthon for Project Ladybug is over. $10,000 was raised! If you aren't already, please be sure to follow @abolishcancer and @delprado. Their generous spirit is unparalleled!


Second, there's a HUGE Facebook campaign directed at Oprah asking her to do a show on Childhood Cancer (similar to the get Betty White on SNL campaign). Apparently, she's never done one on the topic before and we all know how powerful her voice is. We need her help bringing awareness to pediatric cancer and to help raise money for research. So, it would be AMAZING if she heard us.

Please join the movement. All you have to do it go to the Oprah Please Do A Show On Childhood Cancer - Our Kids Need Your Help page and click the "LIKE" button. Over 10,000 have joined in support, including celebrities and Atia's pediatric oncologist from the University of Chicago's Comer Children's Hospital (who's a celebrity to me!). You know it's legit when the pediatric oncology experts of the world stand behind it.

To keep up to date on this page's progress on twitter, follow @PiedPiperInKC@delprado and @Bradenshope 

As always, you can follow us on Twitter at: @llutarewych and @anabelaval

Thanks for taking a few minutes to help! Our family and many others will benefit from your efforts!

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Proud sponsor of both Facebook and Twitter campaigns

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    Praying for your beautiful Atia!!

    My husband is a cancer survivor. May we indeed ABOLISH CANCER!!

  • In reply to JenniferFernicola:

    Thank you, Jennifer! It's so exciting being part of a movement -- and for such an amazing cause! And to top it all off, I think Project Ladybug made $10,000 today!!

    Thank you for your prayers. They truly make a difference. Congratulations on your husband's triumph over cancer. Going through treatment is a life changing experience, isn't it? I too am a cancer survivor. If you are interested, you can read our story from the beginning at:

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