First Day of Pre School

The day has arrived. Amelia goes to her first day of "school" today. My baby girl might look like she's 4 years old, but she turns 3 on October 3rd, so she misses the cut off for real pre school. I've enrolled her at a local day care where she will go for 4 hours in the morning, 5 days a week. We think it's time for her to socialize with other kids her age on a daily basis. Except for the weekly play dates, Amelia is surrounded by three adults that wait on her hand and foot. 

As expected, I am nervous to drop her off for the first time at a place she has never been to, with people she doesn't know. I know it will be difficult for her to adjust but, as I've stated before on my post The Pre School Search, I'm the one with all the emotional baggage about it. 
I've promised myself (and my therapist) that I will not transfer these fears to my daughter. My brother, also a therapist, but not the one I refer to above, keeps reminding me that Amelia is not me, but that she can count on me. "Break the chains" he told me last night, in his most self help guru voice. 
When I say good bye this morning I will tell my little girl that she is there to have fun and that Mama will be back to get her. I will say it with conviction because I know it's true. I just hope that she takes after my mother and really believes I'm coming back.  Any survival tips for mother and daughter would be appreciated. Wish us luck. Ay Mama!

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  • You will all be fine. Just be strong when you drop her off. Hold on to your tears until you are in the hallway. Here cry as much as you want will all the other parents that are in your same situation. I have cried every fall when I drop them off at the baby sitter and 2 for 2 when dropping them off at the school on the first day. It takes adaptation for everyone but you will be fine.

  • It will take time. Everyday will get a little easier.

  • Just breathe- you both will be fine, once you're settled. She will soon be loving it- all the kids and toys! And you will love her independence.

  • So it was like when Elian Gonzalez was taken by the FBI. Kind of. Not fun but I kept my composure, said good bye and then cried outside. A half hour later, friends of mine that have kids there texted me that she looked happy. I called around 11 and she was having lunch and I was told that she was doing very well for a first day. Her report was good too. One down, many more to come. Thanks for your support.

  • It gets easier with every day. Last week, I just went through first drop-off with my second child. You'd think I would remember the whole drill from the first time I went through it, but no. I was still just as weepy. Evija was off to the races. She was much better than in spring, when she was TOTALLY clingy. We both wept. But this time, I was the one having a hard time. My last baby in preschool?! I felt old and all of sudden useless. As Evija ran to her friends, I thought, "well, who needs me now?" :)

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