The Twilight Ride: Cycling for a Good Cause

What do you think will happen when you combine Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and an indoor cycling class?  You'll get a room full of women getting the best workout of their lives.  Literally.

It all happened shortly after I became a cycling instructor at the Y.  One day after my class one of the girls that rides with me on Thursdays said Hey Nina, wouldn't it be awesome if you did a themed ride based on the Twilight Saga?  I can burn you the movie soundtracks.  A Twilight Ride?  This was the best idea ever!  Especially coming from a Twilight junkie like myself. (Remember my Edward Spell?  This was even better.) 

Within a day I talked to my boss to pitch him the idea.  We decided to divide the room into two groups: Team Edward and Team Jacob. Only a $5.00 donation to help raise funds for the Y's Strong Kids Campaign.  I was thrilled!  We were creating a Twilight Ride for a good cause.  How much better can this get?  It was a dream come true.

The day before the ride, two of my good friends helped me with the room's set up.   We got everything from black lights to goodies.  Trivia questions, great music and a hard ride honoring our beloved Edward and Jacob.  *sigh*  I was reliving the Edward spell all over again...Much to Enrico's chagrin!

The day of the ride we had a room full of women acting like hormonal teenagers, and one very courageous male who had no idea what he was getting into.  To my surprise, he absolutely loved the ride (and probably the crazy hormonal atmosphere too!)

Well, enough about all the Edward talk.  Here are some pictures! 



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  • Look at you, blending your two passions together! Looks like you guys had a blast, and for a good cause, too! :-)

  • In reply to KhadineKubal:

    Te lo hubieses gozado en cantidad!

  • In reply to KhadineKubal:

    Sorry I'm late in reading yesterday's post! You know I would've flown in for that one! ;-) Such a creative idea & a great way to motivate people to get to their spin class.

  • In reply to sgraziani:

    You would have loved it, S! I'll call you this weekend for sure. Miss you TONS!

  • In reply to sgraziani:

    What a great idea! How fun! I've been gone on vacation and Lilija's scout camp for the last two weeks and gone before that, too, so finally getting back into reading the blog! I had fun coming back home to your entry! Reminds me I have to see Eclipse when it comes out on DVD!

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