Cooper's 2010 Chicago Tour

Cooper loves Chicago.  He wants to work there, live there, go there everyday.  He loves the 'towers' (tall buildings), Lake Michigan, the statues, the museums, everything...except the traffic.  Even a three-year old recognizes Chicago has traffic issues.    


One day we were visiting Amelia and he found her book Good Night Chicago.  Cooper was hooked!  It's a really cute book that highlights all of the popular landmarks and attractions in Chicago.  We had to go to Borders the next day to buy it.  We read the book to Cooper every night and he sleeps with it...seriously!


Now Cooper is determined to see every location featured within the book.  So here is Cooper's 2010 tour of Chicago so far.  We are going to Lincoln Park Zoo tomorrow and trips to the Field Museum, Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium are already on the calendar.



They also sell books for New York, Boston and most of the other major cities.




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  • I don't know if my other message came thrue i just loved the pictures hope you had a greattttttttttttt time

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