Boys and Their Toys

There are many differences between boys and girls, but one big one is their toys.  Cooper and Cole are typical boys.  They love cars, trains, trucks and Legos, which I am completely cool with and actually like as well.  But Cooper and Cole are boys and are starting to show an interest in typical boys' toys like Nerf guns, swords/lightsabers and motorcycles. 


It is tough for me to embrace some of my sons' new passions as I am not a big fan of these types of toys.  My brothers never really played with this stuff, however, my husband Ken did.  Ken does respect my concerns about exposing the boys to guns, swords, etc., but also realizes that Cooper and Cole are boys, and it is normal for boys to want to play this stuff. 


So what do I do?  Ken and I have taken the strategy of making sure the boys understand how to use these toys safely and not use them to hurt each other.  For example, if Cooper shoots his Nerf gun at someone, he gets it taken away immediately.


Secretly, my strategy has been to highly encourage the cars and trains more and more.  I have also 'put away' the Nerf gun and wooden swords, however if they ask for them I do bring them out.  I guess my hope is "out of sight, out of mind".


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  • I don't think there's anything wrong with those toys. Almost all boys, myself included, played with these things growing up and most of us turned out ok :)

    I used to love shooting the suction cup-tipped Nerf projectiles at windows and mirrors. There's no need to shoot them at people to have fun. I'm a little more wary of swords, though, since you can easily hit someone, accidentally or otherwise, and actually do some damage. That said, when I was a kid (hah), we would improvise swords with sticks we found on the ground. The sticks were a lot less hefty than "real" toy swords, so they're probably less likely to do damage.

  • Thank you for your comment. I hear what you are saying and you are probably right. I know I am being a bit silly about this. Maybe it's that my boys are already growing up so fast that I thought I had a few more years before the "big guy" toys were around the house. I am trying to relax on this.

  • Great pics!! I have girls so I'm not sure how I feel about managing the toy weapons. I will say that my husband and I have been on paintball work outings, and the men were WAY more into it. I admit I screamed and jumped when I hit somebody but the guys were SERIOUSLY competitive. It's a just a natural guy thing, I guess. Good luck with your adorable little ones!!

  • Thank you so much! You are is a guy thing. Another big difference I am noticing between girls and boys is how much cuter the girls clothes are vs. the boys clothes, especially as they get older. My choices now for Cooper are becoming skulls, skateboards, etc. Have fun with your girls!

  • I think that you are right on track. Those toys are ok as you said if they respect what they are for. Just play and pretend and not meant to hurt someone. My son played with those things but ended up loving playing with cars and building . Those are the greatest pictures of your boys.

  • Am I the only girl that played with nunchucks, swords, guns and slingshots? I mean, I also played with Barbies, tea sets and my easy-bake oven, but there's something to be said for releasing your aggression on your siblings with some strategically shot Nerf darts. Also, with my boys, we've found that having them "fight" with swords and showing them different ways to hold swords and defend themselves, actually decreases the amount of time the spend really fighting each other. Instead of trying to kill each other, they play that they're ninjas or pirates.

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