Sporty Spice at 35

Unathletic is not a word but if it was, my picture would be right next to its definition in the dictionary. I have a physical and mental block when it comes to anything athletic. After many failed attempts through out my lifetime, I was almost 35 years old when I learned how to ride a bicycle. My husband tried to teach me how to roller blade when we were dating. A half hour into it, I took the damn skates off. "I don't need this crap. I know how to drive a car and that's all I need to get places". 

My job as Around Town reporter for WGN Morning News has forced me to face my lack of athleticism over and over again. Year after year, from fencing to tennis to broom hockey, I have showcased my inability to do anything sports related in front of hundreds of thousands of viewers. By now, it's part of my charm but I have to admit I'm not always happy to be that bad at sports.
Alas, last week victory was finally mine. Wednesday morning, that was me doing pull ups while hanging from a Pilates cadillac at Helios Center for Movement.  But nothing compares to what happened Friday while at the Broken Oar Marina. Check this clip out. 
I WENT WAKE BOARDING! I've posted this clip on Facebook, Twitter, emailed it to all my family and friends. I can't believe at 35, after giving birth to a child, I was able to accomplish this. Ana Belaval, a legend in her high school for taking about a half hour to "run" half a mile. The girl who got hit by any stray ball in any field or court. The woman who can't go skating with her husband and daughter. 
I credit my personal trainer and friend Kay Yasin for my new found strength. I trained with her for 3 years. She didn't  turn me into an athlete, but she has given me the confidence and the strength to trust my body and try new physical challenges, at least once.  
Don't get me wrong, I'm not signing up more marathons; I still hate running. I haven't found the lost sports lover in me, but I can't help but feel proud of myself. Ay Mama!  


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  • Ana, take this tip from a former couch potato like myself...IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO WAKE UP YOUR INNER ATHLETE! Great job!

  • And from a CURRENT couch potato like myself...good for you! Wakeboarding is TOUGH!!! We're supposed to be rappelling (sp?) when we go to PR this summer, and I will be taking my inspiration from you! :-)

  • Rapelling!!! But you are going all the way my friend. Thank you both for your comments.

  • This was awesome!!! I loved the pics, especially the third one with you crouching, mentioning your pasty legs and apprehensive face. SO funny! Thanks for the laugh.

    Fox Lake is a great place. You were up in my neck of the woods! We are in Grayslake, on Highland Lake. Great sporting area, or like me, just a great area to sit and read a book lakeside, which is usually what you will find me doing. :) Not the big sporto anymore myself.

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