All She Wants to do is Swim, Swim!

How every day starts with Lucia...

6:00 am Honey Nut Cheerios with 2% milk
6:30 am Toaster Strudel
7:00 am Bowl of fresh fruit (usually bananas & berries)
7:30 am Goldfish snack
8:00 am Thank God it is time to take them to camp or I'll seriously go broke.

This is every morning with Lucia.  She seems to be starving at all times and there is nothing I can do about it.  It seems to me like she's going through a never ending growth spurt and my wallet is literally paying the price.  I can only imagine the teenage years...I'll need a second job to pay for their food intake! 

It all started last Spring when I signed her up for swimming lessons at the YMCA.  She loves the water and learned how to swim in the blink of an eye.  By June she was already jumping in the deep end of the pool and swimming like a pro.  My little Jenny Elisabeth Thompson.  Maybe I have a future gold medalist in my hands.  Who knows, right?    

After we got back from our fabulous cruise, I started taking her to our neighborhood's pool every day.  Mornings and afternoons.  Day after day after day all she wanted to do was swim, swim, swim.  At the beginning I was enjoying the pool days as much as Lucia and now I am completely pooled out.  I guess that what keeps me going every day, other than getting the perfect tan, is the look in her face every time she sees the water; just like watching a puppy playing with a new toy, the only difference is she doesn't get tired of it.  No wonder my child is always hungry, this kid is exercising like crazy under 90 degree weather days.

By 5:30 pm both Lucia and Joaquin are hungry and I have zero energy left to start cooking.  Mac & cheese is always an option, of course, but they need something healthier to finish their busy day (And I need something easy to make to continue with my day!) 

Well, just over a week ago we got invited to a 4th of July BBQ and I made a refreshing tuna and pasta salad; very easy to make and to my surprise, my kids loved it.  A delicious and healthy meal that both you and your kids will enjoy.  And, if your kids are like my little energizer bunnies, this dish can be prepared in a snap so that you can spend more time at the pool before Summer time is over!  (Plus it makes a great leftover food)  Ay Mama!


Pepe's Famous Tuna & Pasta Salad


-12 oz can light tuna (or albacore) in water (drained)
-8 oz light mayo (I use Hellmann's Light with the light blue cap)
-16 oz can black beans (washed and drained)
-16 oz can pink beans (washed and drained)
-16 oz can white beans (washed and drained)
-3 celery sticks chopped
-Multicolor amorelli or rotini (I use Target's Archer Farms 12.7 oz bag)


Boil pasta for 8 minutes.  Drain and rinse with cold water.  Place cooked pasta in the bowl.  Add tuna, beans, celery and mayo.  Mix well and refrigerate.  Enjoy!



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  • Don't I know how you feel! Dylan is a little fish too and the first words out of his mouth each day are "Let's go swim!" We've thoroughly taken advantage of our pool passes and his swim lessons this year, but once summer's over I don't think I'll miss going there for many, many months! Glad the recipes are back! I make this one for parties all the time and it's always a big hit :-)

  • In reply to KhadineKubal:

    Te juro que estoy pooled out! Y si, hay que darle el credito a Pepe, pues TODAS adoptamos su receta!

  • Nina, I can sympathize with you. With one week at Disney and a few pool visits, no official swimming lessons, my 2 youngest daughters think they can swim and are mermaids. The four year old goes completely underwater and attempts to swim. She will get there very soon. The 1 year old loves the water and the deeper it is, the better for her. Their pool is getting plenty of use. Even our tub is becoming a pool.

  • In reply to vlopez:

    Vero! Welcome back!!! We missed you! I have to say that I love Summer time, but it is INTENSE with the kids wanting to be in the water all day long!

  • In reply to vlopez:

    Esa receta la voy a hacer cuando vengan Papi y Mami. I love it. Y las fotos bellas. I need to find swimming lessons by us soon because Amelia has no fear.

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Nena, la YMCA es un exito! La receta te va a encantar, todo el que la prueba queda enamorado, pues es facil y rica!

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Great recipe! I am definitely trying it this week! I know how you feel about the swimming. We live on a lake and I have to say, after so many weeks, I am getting water tired. Since the lake is in the backyard, that's ALL the girls want to do.

    One suggestion--private swim lessons. It saves money in the end; the kids learn more quickly, and less time sitting at pool's edge for swimming. :)

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    She learned in a heartbeat and now she thinks she's a mermaid! You'll love this pasta salad, very yummy!

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    That's good that Lucia learned so quickly!

    I am a long distance swimmer, so I guess I've always been particular about how the girls learn their technique. And I guess that is why I wasn't really happy with the group class. My eldest, Lilija, went to the YMCA classes and learned very little in the group class. She sat on the side of the wall for half the class. I didn't think that was productive at all. So, when I placed her in the private lessons, she had great one-on-one and was swimming in a lane by the end. I felt I had saved money because she learned several techniques, including freestyle in one private sign-up. That would have taken at least another of the group classes to accomplish that!

    And unfortunately, the girls couldn't just learn from me. They listened better to an outside person. :)

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