A clothing diet

It's a challenge that I can only pretend to take. Pick six articles of clothing and make do with them for a month. I read about it in this article: Shoppers on a "Diet" Tame the Urge to Buy.  Apparently, there is a growing movement on the web encouraging people to shop less and just live more with what they have, especially when it comes to clothing.

A specific website sixitemsorless.com suggests an interesting experiment: only wear 6 items you already own for a month and see what happens, see if people notice. As I stated, I can't really participate because I work on TV. Trust me, people notice if I wear the same top twice in one month.  But today, I decided to take the challenge just to see what I could come up with from my overflowing wardrobe.

Let's just say, I couldn't even survive a week. Ay Mama!

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  • Reminds me of our trip around the world: seven outfits for summer, seven for winter. Having such limited choices for five months really changed me forever. When I came back to a closet full of clothes I asked myself "Is this really necessary?". I have kept it "simple" ever since. Now, shoes? Well, that's a different story!!

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