Where Did The Time Go?

On my wedding day, a friend gave me some advice.  They told me to take everything in that day as it would be one of the best days of my life, however it would go by quickly.  They were right, it was one of my best days, but it went by much too fast.


When I had Cooper, that same friend gave me that same advice again, but this time regarding my baby.  It seems once you have children, time goes into warp speed.  I don't understand why this phenomenon occurs, but it happens.  One day you're pregnant and it seems like forever before you can hold that beautiful baby. But once he or she is born, that's when time kicks into high gear. 


That precious little baby goes from being 'a little bundle' to sitting, to crawling, to walking, to running in the blink of an eye.  It seems like just yesterday that we brought Cooper home from the hospital, and in September, he will turn four years old. 


And now with two children, time is going by even faster, if that is even possible.  Before I knew it, Cole has gone from baby to toddler just like that.  I have tried hard to hold on to every moment of Cole as a baby.  Ken would say I baby him too much, but what does he know.  Cole is already 18 months old and wants to be four years old like his big brother. 


So how do I stop it?  How do I keep them my little babies for just a little bit more?  Soon they will be off to grade school and high school and college and jobs and moving out and wives and children of their own and...yikes!!!.


OK, I'm back.  I took a deep breath.  I guess all I can do is try to enjoy every moment I have with them now and take lots of pictures/video so I can reflect on the good ole' days with my boys.

cooper_cole together_1.JPG

Can't I just keep them like this a bit longer?




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  • Beautiful pictures, Lisa!

  • Thank you so much. It was fun to do this entry as I got to look thru all my old pictures and reminisce.

  • Interesting...this morning, I was just showing the girls the photos of when they were born. I almost started crying. I miss that infant stage. You're right. The years fly by way to fast.

  • Thank you and sorry for the almost crying part! When I was going thru pictures, I was in the same place.

  • No problem. I think crying is par for the course. :)

  • I know what you mean Lisa. The other day I was looking at Amelia's baby pictures and got all teary eyed. I was so worried as a first time mom that I wish I would have held on to that baby a little longer. She's so big now but at night, when I'm putting her down to sleep I hug her a little tighter and smell her hair which still smells like the day she was born.

  • In reply to abelaval:

    :) :) :)

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Ana - It's crazy right? I don't care what Ken says, they will be my babies forever!

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