Thanks for the memories!

My husband Ken will be my guest writer for today in honor of Father's Day. Thank you Ken for all of your hard work on this entry and for sharing some great memories with us.  Happy Father's Day to Ken, my Dad and all of the fathers out there. 


There are many memories that Lisa and I have built over the last 18 years of marriage (25 total years together if you include dating).  As Lisa and I have moved into the parenthood stage, it has had a profound impact on my memories.  Now being a father, I look back on my childhood memories and have a different perspective.  I now understand more about what drove those memories.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank those fathers (both living and deceased) that made it a priority in their lives to provide me with the memories I have today.  They have molded me into the person I am today and what I strive to be tomorrow.


My Father - Thank you for:

- Always remembering to bring home a surprise for me when you came back from your business trips.  It made me feel special.  

- Letting me help build a go-cart (even though the steering wheel turned in the opposite direction it was supposed to).

- Teaching me that life is short so enjoy it.  (My dad passed away in his late 30's)


My Mom ("stand in Dad" after my Dad died) - Thank you for:

- Taking us to Grandpa's house every Sunday.

- Going to my baseball games.

- Vacations like the Colorado dude ranch and Disney World when we really could not afford it.

- Supporting me through college at the University of Wisconsin.

- Getting re-married to a man that provided me with the experiences you could not.


My Step-Father - Thank you for:

- Stepping into a difficult role and demonstrating tolerance.

- Teaching me to: grow a beautiful lawn, golf, fish, drive a car, water ski, snow mobile, drive a tractor, shoot/respect a gun. (Lisa is not so happy about this one)

- Exhibiting confidence in everything you did.  With a little bit of research and some practice, you could do just about anything.

- Reminding me again how short life is.  (My Step-Dad just passed away a year ago)


My Grandpa - Thank you for:

- Teaching me manners. (Never put our elbows on his table when we had dinner)

- How to grow a garden.

- Never acting your age. (You should have seen his house at New Year's Eve)

- Letting me dip bread in the spaghetti sauce while it cooked on the stove.

- Showing what it really meant to selflessly care for others.


My Father-in-Law - Thank you for:

- Raising an amazing daughter.

- Getting 5th row tickets to the Blackhawks games.

- Letting me in on the Thursday golf group.

- Showing me what it means to serve others.


I aspire to do for Cooper and Cole what these folks (as well as many others) have done for me.  I grew up watching and learning from everything these people did.  They were/are an inspiration.  Growing up, I thought that I could be anything from a star on the Tommy Bartlett water ski team, to an ATV racer for Yamaha, to a fireman, to a stunt man.  Being a father, I now strive toward being a fun, loving and inspirational dad and spouse.  I hope one day that our boys will be as grateful for the memories as I am.


For those of you still here, thank you.  For those of you that have moved on, I miss you. 


In the words of Bob Hope - "Thanks for the Memories"



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  • Absolutely loved this entry, Ken! Great idea and a great tribute with tons of neat photos to match! Hope your Father's Day was as fun as all of you photos!

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