Not my daughter

Before I had Amelia and up until she turned two years old, I swore that she would always leave the house looking presentable. I would cringe at pictures of Suri Cruise in little high heels and Shiloh Pitt dressed like a boy

"Not my daughter", I'd say."Amelia will wear what I deem appropriate and when she wants to decide, she will get to pick between 2 choices."  Well, that lasted all of 2 years. I am now the proud mother of a girl that will only wear what she classifies as princess dresses. My husband and I are not sure how she concluded these few are princess dresses, since they don't have sequence or puffy skirts. We have tried to call all her dresses "princess dresses" to no avail. She also likes to leave the house with some kind of necklace, "the show me your boobs Mardi Gras" kind. 
You know what, I've come to the conclusion that this is just part of choosing my battles. For now,  I rather she's dressed like a homeless girl, until I can teach her to stop screaming like a maniac when she doesn't get her way. Click here for video of tantrums. By the way, we are doing much better in that department. 
Who knows? Maybe with 6 kids to dress and get out the door, Angelina is also picking her battles. Now the little girl's new haircut, that might just be giving in too much. Ay Mama!


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  • Girl-enjoy the dress phase while you can, we left that to the jeans phase and then tee shirts and baggy shorts--I wear them so much they can walk on their own phase. You are so right about picking your battles.

  • I think you raise a great point-Do the clothes that we dress our kids/children in have effects on their identity development?!

    I believe that it does, and if we apply that theory to Amelia then we know that when she grows up she will be a princess who will unfortunately, like the rest of us, have to kiss a lot of frogs until she finds her prince-AY MAMA! ;)

  • I have to agree with Honch--enjoy the dress phase while you can. My eldest, Lilija, is starting to move away from all that princess stuff, and I have to admit, it's a bit sad. There was something so innocent and magical in her world of princess and fantasy, which is now, unfortunately, slowly getting lost to reality. I'm guessing after next year, the mystery of who Santa really is, may be lost as well.

    I sometimes wish my little princess back. Lilija went for jeans and a t-shirt the other day, and I actually asked her if she wanted to wear her princess dress with the fur trim on the bottom. Lilija's response--"Mooooooom!" :(

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