Happy (New) Father's Day: 10 Ways To Avoid Fatherhood FAIL

By Marcus Leshock
"The Leshock Value"

My life changed two weeks ago.

Ruby Grace Leshock, my first daughter, was born on June 1st at 8:46 a.m. There are a few dates in life I will always remember - my wedding anniversary, birthdays, paydays....but times of day?

Decades of appointments, meetings, school classes - It took a kid to sear the image of a clock in my brain.

This Sunday will be my first official Father's Day. This 6 lb., 12 oz. person has made this month the best of my life. I can't say I look forward to waking up at 3 a.m. to change her diaper, but if ANYBODY could make me look forward to the middle of the night, it would be her.

Before Ruby was born, my wife Jonna and I went to a handful of parenting classes. We did infant safety and CPR, which pretty much told me that everything in this world would put my baby in the hospital (sharp objects, under-sink poisons, prolonged exposure to Cubs baseball). We went to breastfeeding class - EYE OPENING, trust me. And we went to "Parenting 101," which would fill in the blanks on everything else. I was all set.

Or not.

The truth is, I don't think anybody is ever prepared for parenting. The best you can do is,....well....your best. I can't say I'm father of the year (luckily the sample size for that is set at 4 weeks), but here are a few things I've learned, sure to keep away the dreaded "Fatherhood FAIL"....

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  • Adorable photos- and great job today- hope you have a great Fathers Day and enoy!

  • Wonderful piece, Marcus! I loved the photo commentary! What great advice! I remember it all too well! Congratulations on being a new daddy! As my husband still says--there is NOTHING that compares to the day your child is born. I have to agree! Hope your first Father's Day was grand!

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