Happy Independence Day!

I love July 4th.

I love seeing all the American flags adorn houses.
I love that it's the first REAL holiday in summer that feels like summer.
I love the pancake breakfast at the Mt Prospect fair every year.
I love Summerfest in Milwaukee. Sorry Taste of Chicago- you were too crowded for us, and the music (on multiple stages) was much more our style. (It's amazing to think we went for 10 years in a row year, and now it's been 8 since my last time there! I am just not ready to take the kids yet).
I love going to the parade. 
I love when there IS a parade to go to. 
When Sam was a baby, we carted both kids up in the stroller to see their first parade. As we got there, the storm clouds started rolling in. We decided to high-tail it home, and ALMOST made it before the heavens opened up and drenched us. We were the lucky ones.
I love fireworks (but not to do them myself, I leave that to the pros. I will do those black snake thingys and the poppers with the kids).
When I was a kid, we would go to an aunts house who lived near where they set off fireworks. We would explore after the show, toting our fire flies in their jars, to find spent fireworks shells. Some would be all burnt and cool, and others would be duds (in retrospect, probably not the smartest thing to do!)
My husband tells a tale of the Glenview fireworks show during the 80's that never happened. They went. Sat. Waited. Checked their watches. I am sure several murmurs were heard... No fireworks. Apparently, there was an accident and all of the fireworks exploded on the ground  and some even shot into the crowd-scary!
Our old loft was a 5 story building and was one of the biggest around (as we lived north of downtown). On the 4th, we would go up to the roof for an amazing panorama of firework displays. You would spin around in a circle, to the north, Evanston's fireworks, then Niles and Skokie, then northwest and the western suburban shows, all the way to Sox field. It was an amazing and beautiful sight.
Chicago will be interesting this year. They usually have their big fireworks show on the 3rd, with millions showing up to watch. Everyone goes to their own town for the 4th. This year, they are having 3 different shows on the 4th (for budgetary reasons.) I wonder what kind of draw these shows will have over local ones. 
I wish you all a very happy and safe holiday! If you're lighting fireworks, be smart and safe, please. I don't want to hear of anyone blowing off their finger!


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  • I remember the 4th of July Parade when the heavens opened up. The storm rolled in and it POURED! We hid under an awning. Josh had Annabelle in a backpack. This year was my first year marching and it was a lot of fun but VERY hot. I love the 4th, too.

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