A Mediterranean Cruise Story: The Lucky Charm (Part 2)

(Continued from last week's A Mediterranean Cruise Story)

We were on the bus from Taormina to the ship and everyone was talking about the beautiful  Sicilian town.  All I could think was I am finally going to wear eye cream tonight, this sun is killing me!  As soon as we got to the ship both Enrico and I rushed into our room and as we opened the door...No luggage.  Crap.  I couldn't believe it, now we were going to be without luggage for at least two more days, since we were having a day at sea the following day. 

Enrico went to talk to the concierge and he just said I am so sorry Mr. Freese, but the car that was bringing your luggage back to the ship broke down.  Was he kidding?  Why didn't they send a new car to pick up our stuff?  This sounded very surreal to me.  I cried for two minutes (out of frustration) and immediately went to my mother-in-law's closet to try on a couple of outfits for the captain's gala night. 

The next day was a day at sea and we were blessed with beautiful weather, margaritas and live music.  The kids went to the ship's kids club for a few hours that morning and we relaxed under the sun for a long time.  By the pool side I met Lisa, a very friendly woman from Naperville, IL.  Lisa and I started talking and as soon as she heard about our luggage story she offered to lend me a dress for one of the formal nights on board.  Talk about an act of kindness from a random stranger!  I immediately smiled and picked up the dress to try it on.  Unfortunately, the dress was too big on me and I sadly returned it to Lisa with a big thank you note.  That night my sister-in-law offered a really cool belt that I wore with one of my mother-in-law's dresses.

Enrico was lucky to have his brothers traveling with us, as he always had something to wear.  The kids didn't even realize what was going on, plus they went to the kids club every night to play while we were having dinner.

The next day we arrived at Mykonos.  Finally, a day of relaxation after all the walking we did in Italy.  We spent our day in one of the island's sandy beaches, walked around their downtown and had some traditional Greek food.  Mykonos was a picturesque town; between the narrow streets, the beautiful white architecture and all the little stores and restaurants, this Greek island was the closest place to paradise I have ever seen.  We bought some shirts for the kids and I got myself a little black dress to help me with my very much needed wardrobe needs.

That afternoon, I forgot all about our luggage and simply enjoyed a wonderful evening with Enrico and the family. 

Next stop:  Ephesus, Turkey.  We started with a tour to Virgin Mary's house, visited the Ephesus ruins and finally went to an open Turkish bazaar.  Everyone's eyes were on Joaquin.  For some reason he was a huge hit among the Turkish people.  I felt like I was holding a little Buddha in my arms, since everyone wanted to touch him for good luck.


Apparently, blue eyes are very powerful according to an ancient legend about the "evil eye" a look that is superstitiously believed by many cultures to be able to cause injury or bad luck on the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike.  This didn't surprise me at all, since every single shop around the Mediterranean Sea had "blue eye charms" for sale.  I guess that Joaquin was literally a lucky charm

As we were entering one of the jewelry stores at the open bazaar, a Turkish man greeted me and immediately said What a beautiful boy!  I will exchange him for two diamond necklaces.  What?  Oh my God!  I didn't know if he was toying with me or if he was being serious about his proposal.  I smiled and said Two diamond necklaces?  Three at least!  And we both started laughing about it.  We absolutely loved Turkey and their people.

It was already time to get back to the ship.  Only two more ports and two days at sea before the end of our trip.  Will we ever get our luggage back?

To be continued...


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  • The photos are gorgeous! Loved the windmill photos in Mykonos. Were those windmills? How neat! Love the belly dancer photo! And you, Nina, don't look like you lost your luggage at all! Your outfits are QUITE "put together!"

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Thanks Anita! I did make the outfits work, didn't I? Yes, those are windmills in Mykonos. The trip was absolutely wonderful!

  • Nina you are so lucky to have a mother-in-law who is so svelte and fashionable! Not to be disrespectful because I have an awesome mother-in-law but in your situation I would of looked like a traveling circus tent! :) See you soon Nina!

  • In reply to angelmatt:

    Thanks Lisa! Yes, Heidi has a great sense of style and fashion...Thank God!

  • Bella! and if you are going to lose your luggage it better be in a gorgeous setting like that. Me encanto la belly dancer y ese nene--hata yo te lo compro. Es la misma cara tuya. bellos los 2.

  • In reply to abelaval:

    Gracias Ana!

  • In reply to abelaval:

    My dear friend Nina! I just caught up on Part 1 and Part 2 of your cruise story and all I have to say is for a girl with no clothes, make-up, accessories, and SHOES you look spectacular in every photo! Can't wait to read Part 3 of your trip and catch up about it all soon! Sending you, Enrico & the kids big hugs!

  • In reply to abelaval:

    S! You know me :-) It was torture! Can't wait to catch up. I'll call you during the week for sure. Miss you TONS!

  • In reply to abelaval:

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