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My husband Enrico, my guest writer for Father's Day Week, gives meaning to the famous LOST numbers.  Enjoy!

As I was awaken, yet again, from my uneasy slumber by my restless daughter Lucia; I struggled once more to quiet my mind and revert back to REM state.  You see, in my household as the Father of two beautiful children, I somehow assumed the responsibility of easing my kids back to sleep after midnight trips to the bathroom, or sudden bouts of nightmares, you name it, I do it. 

My wife, Nina, thinks our children are great sleepers, after all a nuclear bomb could go off and Nina would not even notice it.  I wish I was making this up, but it's happened!  Once a car exploded in the alley of where we used to live in Chicago, right next to our bedroom window and guess what? Nina never noticed!   I kind of envy her in a way, but in a strange way those periods of alone time at 3:00 am tend to foster my greatest periods of creativity and/or nervous anxiety pondering what the future holds for our children or for us as parents.  How else would I have decided on such a strange title for my blog entry in honor of "Father's Day"?

For any hard nose fan of the show, these numbers easily relive visions of a mysterious island, weird inter-personal connections and, most of all, secrets never revealed.  The show of course is Lost and by far, absolutely my favorite TV series ever.  The numbers relevance for the show, of course, never deciphered so I decided to give them meaning. 

It was yet another uneasy night of Lucia waking me up multiple times for no other reason that she wanted to see what I was doing at 12:00 am.  For the most part I find myself thinking of numbers, after all I work around numbers all day long.

The Numbers:

4 - The average number of times that till this day my kids wake up in the middle of the night and wake me up since Lucia was born almost 4 years ago.

8 - The day of the month Joaquin was born, the number of years we have lived in Chicago, the number of combined extracurricular activities I expect will be shuttling our kids back and forth when they start taking swim class, ballet, soccer, gymnastics, etc.

Even weirder, my daughter Lucia is obsessed with the color pink and as I started writing this entry I noticed that the wig she loves wearing, the one that makes her look like a crazy Dolly Parton, was inspected by non other than numbers 4 & 8!  (Please see the pic)


15 - Based on Puerto Rican tradition what we call a "Quinceanero" and what I am hoping my daughter Lucia never asks for!  You know why? Because it costs plenty of dough, also my son Joaquin will probably want one as well.  He wants what his sister wants and I am just half way with the numbers.

16 - A "Sweet Sixteen" the American version of the "Quinceanero".  Of course more money, more costs, and I know what Joaquin will say, I also want a "cheese sixteen".  I am not kidding, he is crazy for his sister.  This number is also significant because this is the age kids can start driving and, yet again, I will endure sleepless nights worrying.

23 - The combine bottles of milk our kids chug between the two of them on a daily basis. The time of day Lucia was born 2:30 am according to hospital records. The age I hope our kids remove themselves from the proverbial parental tit. The day of the month Nina and I started dating.  What I am hoping will be the average annual tuition cost of a good state university when Lucia turns 18 (I am not holding my breath on the last one).  Also, the number 23 is the current ages of both Joaquin (2) and Lucia (3).

42 - The real potential annual college costs when Lucia turns 18 (for sure for Joaquin!)  Also, I kid you not, the time of day "4:20 am" on average, that Lucia for some reason normally decides as the time were she makes her final trek into our bedroom and I give in and let her sleep with us until Nina and I get up at six!

So in honor to all the Dads like me, that are quiet heroes to their children and worry about their future, to my Dad which I am certain that because of me had plenty of sleepless nights worrying about my future and who I love with all my heart, I wish all of you a "Happy Father's Day" and plenty of REST! 





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  • Happy Father's Day! (You have a beautiful family)

    I like how you incorporated the Valenzetti Equation into your blog entry. Thank you for sharing with us the fun facts and pictures, my favorite one is Lucia in the cooking pot she looks so adorable-I see she was probably helping her mommy the chef in the kitchen lol

    Can't wait for Nina to return to the blogosphere! We all miss her great blog-entries and recipes :)

  • Te la comiste Enrico. So eloquent and creative! We are lucky to have married guys like you. No wonder we have gotten along so well since high school. And yes, Steve is also the night nurse in our house.

    Un abrazo y gracias por el apoyo,

  • Great entry!!! I love the numbers. Such a creative way to get across the very important measures in all of our lives.

  • Nice entry. What a fun way to share your story. I miss Lost too!

  • Te quedo buenisimo, Enrico! Espero que esten disfrutando mucho!

  • Enrico buen

  • Buena, Enrico! When I learned that the husbands were going to write this week, I couldn't wait to read what you had to say. Mrs. Burns, Mrs. Malinow & Mr. Matos would be proud of your eloquent post! Sounds like you and Nina have the same type of deal as we do in our home, where the mom cannot hear or have anything interrupt her sleep so dad takes the night shift. Your children are absolutely beautiful... you should have a couple more! :) besos a todos!

  • Enrico, te quedo super..... Muchas felicidades para ti tambien en el dia de los padres. Un beso a todos.

  • Nice...LOST, esta buenisimo el analisis, saludos y feliz dia de los padres!!!

  • Buenisismo el entry! Espero que pases un feliz dia de los padres junto a tu hermosa familia.

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