My Marathon Journey to Motherhood

I was married at age 23, but did not become a mom until I was 38 years old. It's not that I did not think about having children, I did.  I thought about it all of the time, but I was afraid.  I was scared to have kids so I just kept putting it off...for about 15 years! 


When I was 37, I got pregnant and it was a total surprise.  I had always wanted someone else to make the decision for me and somehow it had happened.  I was freaked out at first but then I got really excited, especially when I told my family.   


Unfortunately that pregnancy ended at eight weeks, but it did give me the courage to finally make the decision on my own and go after what I wanted.  I knew it all along...I wanted to be a mom!


One year later I had Cooper and about two years later I had Cole.  I love being a mom and I am so grateful.  My life completely revolves around those two little guys and I am OK with that.  It took me so long to get where I am today and I don't want to miss a thing.


There are many women in my life who have inspired me and provided me with the knowledge and values I want to offer Cooper and Cole.  Most of these women are mothers, but some of them are not. 


So to all of the moms, wanna-be moms and women who are not moms but offer love and support to those around them...Happy Mother's Day! 


And to five very special "moms" in my life:  my mom, my mother-in-law, my godmother Aunt Barb, Cooper's godmother Kathy and Cole's godmother you and thank you so much for being such a huge part of my life.



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  • Lisa! You and I are almost the same! I got married at 24. But, had my first only at 33 and my second at 37. We waited quite some time to have children. I wanted to start my teaching career, finish my Master's, travel, etc., etc. There was always something. I don't regret my first years of marriage, when I had the freedom to pursue my dreams, but sometimes wish I would have started earlier, now that I know how wonderful mommyhood is. I cannot imagine my life without my girls. I have to talk with you sometime about having a baby at 40. I'm 40 now, and think about having another, but am sometimes scared because of the risks. I have other friends my age, who have had children at 40 and even at 43. But, I'm a bit chicken. Any advice?

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