Mother's Day Week

Ay Mama! is celebrating Mother's Day for a whole week. Yes people, we deserve that and a lot more. Our wonderful mommy bloggers will write Mother's Day related entries all the way through Sunday. Enjoy!

Believe it or not this is not an easy entry for me to write. I get all teary eyed when I think about my Mom. I couldn't have asked for a more supportive, caring and nurturing mom. There are too many stories to tell but ever since I became a mother myself, one memory keeps popping in my head when I think about how grateful I am to Anavi. It actually took place the first month of Amelia's life.
After my husband, I wanted Mami to be the first person to meet Amelia Victoria; after all, they share the same middle name for a reason.  It would be hard since my parents live thousands of miles away in Puerto Rico.  But it only took a phone call in the middle of the night and an expensive switch of plane tickets and they met my girl a few hours after birth.
I will never forget the moment I saw my parents walk into my hospital room where I was holding my daughter in my arms. I couldn't keep it together any longer. I was exhausted, scared and in pain. For hours all I wanted was my mommy and now I had her.
And so my hard journey to recovery and my rough entry to  motherhood began. Like anyone who has seen a celebrity looking hot and  walking around Hollywood with their lovely newborn a week after birth, I thought I would bounce back and be on Michigan Avenue shopping with my Mom and my baby in a few days.  Ha, ha, ha! 
Let's just say that even my OB/GYN warned me about how bad my recovery would be. I don't want to go into details but I couldn't sit for about 2 weeks. The first few days at home, I would wake up more often than my newborn thanks to my after labor pain. Guess who woke up with me every time? Mami,  Half asleep and at age 69, the same woman that had changed my diaper was taking care of my "wounds". 
I felt so bad for her because it was like she had gone back to square one, taking care of her 33 year old like I was the newborn all over again. But she never complained, she was determined to help me heal. Every time she had to help me in and out of the bathtub I would cry in pain and guilt. I would say "I'm sorry Mami".  She would say, "Please, you will be doing this for Amelia in 33 years." I know she's right; she often is. 
For some reason, of all the wonderful things Anavi Belaval has done for me through out these 35 years, I will be forever grateful for her unconditional love and support during that first month.  My body wasn't responding like I thought it would, my hormones had me crying everyday over the uncertainty of motherhood, and there she was, like she has been with every challenge in my life, reminding me that I could do this, that I have what it takes to be a Mom. I can only hope I can always make Amelia feel that safe. Ay Mama!


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  • There's nothing like having your mom around to take care of you when you're hurting. Nothing at all like a mother's touch. What a beautiful entry, and what great pics!

  • Ana - What a great entry! I remember what a difficult time you had and how important it was for you to have your mom around. I first met your mom at your bridal shower here in Chicago. She immediately made me feel welcome and a part of the family. She is a great person, very caring and always quick with a compliment and praise. You are very lucky!

  • Thanks ladies. I AM very lucky. She might kill me over the pictures but they show all the hard work she did for me and Amelia.

  • Ana, you know I'm crying, right? To all of you who do not know Anavi, she is one special mother, to her biological children, and to all of us who consider ourselves friends. I also had my mother with me when both my daughters were born, and since she passed away, there's not a day that goes by that I don't want to hear her voice reassuring me on my job as a mom. Cheers to all great mothers on their day!!!! Y a ti, amiga, por este homenaje tan hermoso...Besos desde PR, Maria (Batuta)

  • Ahora me vas a hacer llorar tu a mi Maria. Siempre recordando a Miti como la mujer fuerte y madre maravillosa q era. Se q es duro amiga pero q bueno q estuvo contigo cuando nacieron las nenas. Thanks Maria for you lovely words. I am a lucky daughter and so are you because your Mom was just as wonderful.

  • Ana, le

  • Ana, I know the feelings you are talking about. I went through the same thing, wanting my mamma by my side. Must be the whole transition from being baby girls ourselves, to motherhood. You, your mom, your Amelia, all look so beautiful in the pics! Thanks for sharing!

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