American Idol Lee DeWyze 's Hometown Visit (Part 1)

**Special Bulletin** 

This is a 2-Parter blog entry! 
Really, at this point, did you honestly think there was anything else going on in my world right now? Yesterday was my birthday (would you believe I was 35 (again)?), it's our town's annual Village Wide Garage Sale weekend, I had tickets to a Cubs game (which we grudgingly sold), and there's a Girl Scouts charity food drive, but no one cares about any of that.
Lee made it to the final 3 and he gets to visit his home town, where we are ready to receive him with open arms!
Today, I am showing you our recent American Idol viewing parties and new photos of our town, plus houses are now in the act! If you want to see how our town has been supporting Lee over the past months, check out my past entries: Our Very Own American Idol and American Idol's Lee DeWyze and Mt Prospect.
Saturday, I get to blog again! I shall be sharing photos of Lee DeWyze's 'Hometown Visit' (which is today from 4:30-7:30). The Daily Herald reports 15,000 tickets were sold in advance by those buying regular racing day tickets (this is what I did), and another 15,000 sold out in 12 minutes. Holy crap. There will also be a caravan through town and he's throwing out the 1st pitch at Wrigley. If this were a perfect world, I would be able to have pix from Wrigley, the parade and the concert. So, we shall see just how perfect my world will be tomorrow- check back for part 2!
Mostly, I am just so excited to be sharing this amazing day with Sam and Zoe. They will always remember when we had a guy from HERE, who used to sing around town, work in the paint store, and who was a regular guy, suddenly hit it HUGE on American Idol. That is precisely why I love this show, and I have been saying that for years. 


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  • Somehow I knew this would be the subject today :) Love the pics of Mt.P!

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