All That Glitters...Is Gold!

Lisa Matthews is our guest blogger for today.  Mother of three teenagers.  Soccer Mom, math tutor, swim team?  Been there, done that.  Now, she needs something new, something exciting...And this is how the Adam Lambert obsession begins.

Okay, so I've watched Food Network's Ina Garten prepare Jeffrey's "Favorite Friday Night Chicken" at least a half dozen times (thanks, Ina.  I've got it!), and I'm just not getting that pins and needles feeling any more when Suzanne Wong  (HGTV's House Hunters) proclaims "so which one did they choose?"  I'm bored!  

Oh yeah, the kids.  Right.  Well, my teenage son thinks I ask too many questions when I say "how was practice," my 16 year old daughter gets annoyed at me when I eat an apple, and my oldest daughter (17) is about to leave her cozy, comfy nest we built for her in order to pursue higher education in a 12 X 12 cinder block dormitory complete with an all-you-eat meal card.  What's that about?  I really need a hobby!  

My husband thinks a job might be in order.  To that I say we had three kids in three and ½ years, moved to seven states in 15 years, did the room parent thing, swim team, soccer mom, travel baseball, basketball, football, played the child psychologist, math tutor, etc.  I've had a job!  I need something new, something exciting.  

Enter Adam Lambert.  For those of you who are not familiar - he was American Idol's Season 8 runner-up, known for his flamboyant glam-rock style, guy-liner and glitter.  Some call him the male "Gaga."



Rewind to March 2009.  Our eyes met through high def and 720p plasma as he lined up along side the other Idol contestants.  One performance was all it took; I was instantly infatuated with this sparkly-eyed, black haired newbie.

My life hasn't been the same since!  I was glambertized, finding myself in a constant state of euphoria. But, why?  I mean it's not like I'm trying to revive my younger days; I wasn't a big fan of Bowie or Prince, and Boy George certainly was not my cup of tea!  So, I decided to consult the stars.  Now I've never really been into astrology either but Adam is.  And, come to find out the Libra (me) and the Aquarius (Adam) possess a sort of "mental magic" together.  Ah ha!

My son says I've changed since "Adam." He didn't explain.  Could it be my new twitter account or the fact that I've become a youtube junkie? Last week I let the cookies go 20 minutes too long while my ears were plugged up with my Mac headphones watching some new Adam videos - the oven was beeping, the dogs were barking, and the cookies were...roasted. Oops! But, it was only when I replaced last years' prom pics on my desktop with images of Adam that my two daughters officially declared me obsessed.  I tried giving up "Adam" for Lent.  I made it about 24 hours then I got a tweet saying that Adam was performing an "unplugged" video and it was ready for download!  How could I wait six weeks?  Forgive me Lord, I'm weak.  The way I see it, my girls have Edward and Jacob and I've got Adam!

Okay, in all seriousness, it's been great fun.  It still is.  It's exhilarating to be passionate about something.  It keeps you young.  For Mother's Day, I got two tickets to see a concert on Adam Lambert's upcoming Glam-Nation Tour!  My wonderful hubby is driving my daughter and I for 10 hours to Prior Lake, MN just to see the event. I admit, it's insane, but perhaps this is just the excitement I needed.  I've earned it!  So tah tah mamas.  I'm off to Sephora to buy black nail polish and glitter eye-liner.  I'll tell the lady at the counter it's for my teen.  Wink wink.



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  • Lisa,

    This was hilarious and I'm sure you are not the only Mom of teens that has been glambertized. Thank you sharing your thoughts with us. I really enjoyed to hear from a Mom who is not questioning if her toddler knows enough words or if it's too early to toilette train. Hope to hear from you more often.


  • In reply to abelaval:

    Hi Ana,

    No toilette training here! In fact, I'm proud to say I have two of the most "accurate" males on the planet! ha Thanks for reading....this was so much fun!

    Lisa :)

  • Lisa,
    If you only knew how many of us share your story! Glitter makes everything better! The whole world should try it!

  • Love it, love it, love it, Lisa! Amazing post...What is it with the ladies and American Idol?? My friend Kelley is also obsessed! Thank you so much for being our guest blogger for today. You rocked it!

  • In reply to NinaGoyco:


    Thanks again for this awesome opportunity. I've had a blast sharing my story. It's great to hear from other "glambert" mamas (and grandmamas)!


  • I have been obsessed since this man sang "Bohemian Rhapsody" in one of his AI auditions a year and a half ago, have seen him up close and personal at the Jingle Ball in Tampa, Florida, brushed shoulders, shook his hand and exchaged about a dozen words with him, and managed not to faint or sound too stupid while doing it... and I am a grandmother of three, although not a real conservative one... I love rock, glitter, and Barrack Obama as president, and of course love, love, love Adam Lambert so much I am quite willing to suffer through a baseball game on Sept. 18th in hot, hot, hot Florida to see him perform live again.

  • In reply to dcadams3:


    I've heard about the baseball game in September! I think I got lucky because the venue I'm going to only seats 2,100 people and we actually have assigned seats as opposed to the "cattlecall" general admission. Recently I saw that somebody (probably scalpers) are selling tickets in my row for $425.00 a piece! I paid $59 for mine! Not a chance I'm selling my tix though! Thanks for reading Deb! PS: I loved that Bohemian Rhapsody audition....watched it many times on youtube!!


  • Oh my gosh. Your life is my life, right down to House Hunters. I have been obsessed by the face and voice of this young man since last September. I can't get enough. Reliving it all over again (being a teen). I saw him live at the two concerts in Vancouver, standing at the stage 3 feet in front of him, close enough to get sprayed by his spit. The best time I've ever had in my life! So much fun! I can't wait to see what he gets up to next. This guy is reinventing the wheel and I am along for the ride!

  • In reply to Redhairedwitch:


    I'm envious that you were able to get that close! I so hoped to get my tickets up close but the 15th row is what I am getting for the June 12th event. And, the lady at the box office told me that I was extremely lucky to get that! I'm kinda worried seems like after you go to one you want to go to more and more. I saw an interview with Adam a couple of weeks ago where he said he kept seeing the same fans over and over again and was wondering if they had jobs! lol ...glambert groupies I suppose! Thanks for reading!


  • In reply to Redhairedwitch:

    I am STILL a Lambert fan too. great blog today!

  • In reply to Redhairedwitch:

    Great fun! Okay, I'm not yet a mom of older kids, but I certainly feel like I need an Adam! Now that I'm done with the Twilight books, I need a new obsession!

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