A soccer update

So how is toddler soccer going? It's been three weeks. Take a look for yourself. I just want to know how much longer do we have to keep taking her to this? I know I can't let her get her way all the time and that she has to learn to stick it out, but, as my friend Terri says, she might not like soccer. She is my daughter after all, and Lord knows I'm not into sports. She does much better in art class.  Any suggestions? Ay Mama!


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  • Don't beat yourself over it, she's still young. But if she's anything like her mother... she should try dance!

  • That's what I'm thinking Ileana. She might not like it and she is only 2. My mother says that in the States we make our kids do too much when they are too young. It's just that the weather here is pretty bad so we need places to go to.

  • In reply to abelaval:

    We do make our kids do too much. The abominable weight of 1st grade book bags, on up to high school, has been discussed and studied among educators and moms (of which I am both). My high school students could sometimes barely keep their eyes open in class, because they had 2 activities after school, then work, and as a result, only started homework at 9 or 10 pm. I received many phone calls from students at 9:30 pm, with questions on how to finish that paper. And most of these students were in Advanced Composition.

    We had many institute days in which we discussed this issue. The need to have our kids in as much as possible by age 2 or 3, is actually an ingrained effect of our university system and our society as a whole. It has become so competitive in universities and "out there" that students now have to have a laundry list of accomplishments by the time they are 17.

    I worked with many a tearful teen in getting those college essays out. And I heard time and again, "You have no idea Mrs. P. how much I have to do." Or, "You don't know my parents." And, unfortunately, in my school, we lost 2 students to suicide due to these pressures. They had so much thrown at them and/or so much pressure from their parents that, at age 16, they saw no other way out. Very sad.

    Kids just need to be kids, especially at ages 2 and 3. It's good to do things with them, but never good to push. I've been teaching preschool and language at home for years now, but in doses. That is the key with everything!

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    I realized after I wrote my entry above that I sound like I'm on a soap box. I apologize; I didn't mean it to come across that way to any mom who wants to give her child the best of the best. I went through the same thing with Lilija, wanting to give her everything (especially in those winter months), and then I experienced what I did with my high school students. That changed my perspective entirely. Now, aside from school things, my girls are allowed one activity a week. They try one new thing every few months. If they don't like it, we dump it. That's really been the best set-up and stress-free.

  • I've been thinking about taking D to Little Kickers but am afraid of the same exact thing. Every time I ask him if he wants to go to soccer class he says "NO!" But then he plays and plays with his soccer ball in the backyard. After seeing your pics, though, I think I'll wait a little while, LOL! :-)

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    Per my writing above, for the time being, I'd definitely let him continue playing soccer in your backyard. :)

  • I think dance is also a great alternative. Ballet was a favorite of Lilija's at age 3.

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