Traveling with a toddler

"You are brave" said a fellow passenger on the American Airlines flight to San Juan, PR when he saw my husband and I traveling with a 2 year old. I think he really meant that we were crazy  (and hopefully sitting nowhere near him) but all I could answer was "I have no choice".


This is the reason we endure a four hour flight to the island with a toddler, twice a year.

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So that she can build sand "castles" with her Tio Mario at the same beach where my brother and I would swim as children every Sunday. 

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So she can run around with Mariana, her only first cousin. She's now eight years old and I know sooner rather than later she will not want to hang with her little cousin from the North.

It doesn't hurt that I'm from tropical paradise, I know, but we do it mostly for these
memories. When you choose to live away from your home, you also sacrifice the chance of sharing the same childhood memories with your children. Thanks to a supportive husband who endures the trip, the language barrier (we are all fluent in English in my family until the third Bacardi) and the hectic schedule of visits to all the family and friends, I'm trying to create other kinds of experiences I can share with my daughter. Ay Mama!

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  • I have to say that the beach looks worth the visit, in and of itself! I've always wanted to go to Puerto Rico. How wonderful that you are creating these memories for your daughter. Wait another couple years and she will be asking you--every day-- months in advance, when you are going to PR! She won't be able to wait! And having a supportive husband is so great as well! Cheers to that!

    My husband is not Latvian, but he has been supporting my Latvian heritage for 16 years now. He supports the trips to Latvia, the Latvian school, camps, etc. He is great! Everything Latvian has become so much a part of his life that he enjoys it now as much as me. :) And now that our daughters are 7 and 3 1/2, he enjoys watching them enjoy it all and run around speaking Latvian. :) It's all fun!

  • Me encant

  • Buenisimo !!!!!!creo que es la unica manera que podemos eduacar a nuestros hijos en este pais....mi esposa Aimee (Americana) y mi hijo Oliver de 3 anos hacemos lo mismo todos los anos....viajamos a Guatemala ...Al principio fue un poco dificil,..especialmente porque los viajes sin escala hacia Guatemala salen a la 1- 2 de la manana....inmaginate a Oliver corriendo en O'hare a esa hora...pero despues de la primera experiencia...le ha ido muy bien y ahora le encanta volar en avion...a la vez esta aprendiendo muchisimo mas de nuestra cultura y costumbres...algo que nadie podra ensenarle aqui....
    Great job Ana !!! keep it up !!!!
    I still remember you when you were working at Univision !!jajaja !!

  • Gracias, Ana! Mi cu

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