Making my daughter's favorite dish

A few weeks ago I mentioned I wanted to continue my mother's traditions and recipes.  I especially want to make those dishes which my daughters enjoy.  Well, I put myself to the task to make capirotada, Mexican bread pudding.  Capirotada is considered a dessert and is only eaten during lent.  I did some research on this dish and found that is very rich in Catholic tradition.  The bread symbolizes the body of Christ and the syrup is the blood of Christ.  The raisins symbolize the nails used in the cross and the cinnamon is the wood of the cross.  This explains why it is only eaten during lent.

Well, my daughters loved it and even thought it was better than grandma's.  I'm very happy that I can fulfill their desire for this dish.  Below find the ingredients and how to make it.

Preheat oven to 450 degrees.


1 pack of toasted french bread (you can buy at the local Mexican bakery)

1 package (8oz) of piloncillo

2 cinammon sticks



1 gal of water


Cooking spray

Meat loaf pan

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  • Awesome! I have to try this dish! I keep saving all these recipes in hopes of trying them all!

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