He's ours!!!!

My hand was shaking so bad I couldn't put on my eyeliner. My stomach was in knots. I couldn't eat, but I had to eat. What if my stomach started growling in the middle of court? But then what if I ate and the food didn't settle well in my stomach and I'd have to go to the bathroom in the middle of court? I felt faint. Oh my God, what if I fainted in the middle of court???


By the time our coordinator arrived to pick us up I had worked myself into a frenzy. Despite the fact that he had gone through what was going to happen with us, I couldn't stop shaking. I couldn't talk. Bill was as cool as a cucumber. You'd think he did this kind of thing every day.


We entered the judge's chambers, where the hearing would take place, and sat on a table opposite the judge. To our right were the director of the Baby House, a custody officer from the Department of Education, and a social worker. The judge nodded to us in greeting, and the hearing began.


Bill and I each took a turn standing up and answering her questions while our coordinator translated. They were basically the same questions from the pre-court hearing, plus a few more (such as who would be the primary caretaker, would Dylan be covered under our health insurance, etc.) I wish I could go into more detail but the truth of the matter is I was so nervous that I can hardly remember what went on. All I know for sure is that, just half an hour later, the judge issued an order that we should become Dylan's parents and he should be our son forever!


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Celebrating after court

After a celebratory lunch, we went straight to the Baby House for visitation with our (now official!) son. Even though he was now ours, we could not take custody of him yet, as we still had to endure a 15-day mandatory appeal period in case any of Dylan's biological family wanted to contest the adoption. Of course, this made us a little nervous, but we were told over and over again that all the paperwork was in order and there was little chance of that happening.


We put aside the thought that anyone would contest the adoption and instead concentrated on the fact that we were now parents to the most adorable little boy we had ever met. We could hardly wait for the next 15 days to pass so we could finally take custody of our son!




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  • I can only imagine what you guys went through! And I can totally imagine you being super nervous and Bill just being Bill - Always cool, always in control - That is why you guys make such an awesome team! Great entry, Khadine!

  • In reply to NinaGoyco:

    Isn't that the truth! Polar opposites, but somehow it works! Glad you liked the entry :-)

  • I love how you describe Bill as though he did things like this "everyday." I so know what you're talking about....kinda a family trait...& very helpful in stressful situations. Now this is the stage of your story where a "cheesy 80's song" plays as your soundtrack, right?! I can just hear we wait for 15 more days to roll by!

  • In reply to kathikubal:

    Very, very, true, Kathi, and thank goodness they're like that right? Can you imagine if we'd married guys exactly like us? Yikes! Thanks for always reading and commenting!

  • Wonderful! Great entry! And congratulations, all over again! :)

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Glad you liked it! And thanks! :-)

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Khadine, como se diria en Brasil "Deus escreve reto por linhas tortas". Despues de tanto sufrimiento y angustia, lograste lo que mas deseabas. Te lo ganaste (y Dylan tambi

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Gracias, Britin! Definitivamente fue un camino largi pero valio la pena!

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    If only the judge could have had the vision to see Dylan as he is now with his "big boy" bed, reading his books, kicking the soccer ball, shooting baskets, doing art work, and playing loud, noisy, chase games with his dad, all that court stuff would not have been necessary.

  • In reply to emmabradshaw:

    That's so sweet, Emma, thanks!

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