Cramming For Easter

I have great memories of growing up with very special holiday traditions.  Going to see Santa and the windows on State Street, the Easter Bunny and egg hunts, corn beef and cabbage on St. Patty's Day, parades on the 4th, etc.  


And I want those same memories for Cooper and Cole, but sometimes the holidays sneak up on me and I can't fit everything in. 


Last Saturday, I looked at the calendar and realized Easter was only one week away.  So I decided to get going on creating those Easter memories for Cooper and Cole.  However, once I started I could not stop, and I basically stuffed all of our Easter traditions into one day.   


Check out the Witek's Easter traditions....all in one day!



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  • I love the pictures and I am in the same boat, you try so hard to give them the same fund memories and it never works out the way you envisioned it so I always wonder what memories they are walking away from when they are screaming at the sight of the easter bunny and the perplexed look on their face when they can not grasp the correlation between the easter bunny and the coloring of hard boiled eggs. Last year it became the norm after easter having to color the eggs every time Angelina wanted to eat one. So due to my laziness we are skipping that tradition for now until I can come up with a explanation in toddler language of why we don

  • Love the pictures! I hear 'ya on keeping up with everything! Happy Easter!

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