Your Baby Needs Glasses

Every pregnant woman will be asked one question during her pregnancy.  Do you want a boy or a girl? And everyone answers the same.  "I'm hoping for a boy {or girl}, but it really doesn't matter...I only want a healthy baby."


What a true statement.  Since I had a problem with my first pregnancy and I was  "older" pregnant woman, I was nervous the entire 10 months I was pregnant with Cooper.  I did everything the doctors told me, read every book and was overly cautious. Cooper was born just fine...a healthy 8lbs 11oz. baby boy.


When I was pregnant with Cole, I was again apprehensive about the pregnancy.  I tried to follow the same routine as I did before, however this time I did not get to sit around behind a desk for 8-10 hours a day.  I had a one year old I was chasing around.   


Cole was born healthy as 8lbs 13oz baby, but there were a few things that were different.  Cole had a few red birthmarks, a large one on his head and another one under his nose.  We were told they may be permanent.  He also had a crooked toe that tucked under his other toe that in the future may require surgery to fix.  Plus, Cole had this huge vein on his head that stuck out.  His doctor did not seem too concerned about any of these things, but said we would have to watch how they progressed.


Baby Cole

Even though the doctor did not seem too concerned, I was.  My first thought was what did I do wrong?  I tried to mirror the pregnancies and do everything the same.  Stupid, I know, but I felt responsible for these few minor differences.


As Cole grew, his birth mark on his head went away and but the vein was still there.  At his nine month check-up, his doctor suggested we take him to a pediatric ophthalmologist just to make sure the vein did not interfere with his optic nerve.  The eye doctor confirmed that the vein was fine; however she told us that Cole was extremely farsighted in his right eye, but his left eye was fine.  To fix this, she said he needed glasses.  I looked at Ken and he looked as shocked as I was.  She told us that Cole could develop a lazy eye by only using his left eye and basically turn off his right eye.  I asked how long he would have to wear the glasses and she told us probably forever.  She then wrote up his prescription and directed us to the front to fit him for glasses.


I looked at Ken with tears in my eyes and said I couldn't do this right now.  We left with the prescription in hand and a ton of questions.  When we got home, Ken immediately jumped into "research mode" on the computer.  We didn't talk about it the rest of the night until the kids went to bed.  Then Ken proceeded to show me everything that he found out about Cole's condition and showed me the rubber, Elton John style glasses Cole would have to wear.  It was then that I lost it.  Ken looked at me like I was nuts and said, "Relax.  It's only glasses."


I know my reaction was a bit insane, but again, I felt guilty.  What did I do wrong?  Was there something I did during the pregnancy that caused his sight problem? I know it was only glasses, but I wear glasses and they can be a pain in the butt at times.  And he was just a baby.   Then I started thinking about Cole growing up with glasses. Will kids tease him?  Will the glasses get in the way when he plays?    


As I read through Ken's research, we found out that all babies are born farsighted and it improves during their first year.  So we decided to wait until he was one and get a second opinion.  At his second appointment, the doctor confirmed that the right eye was definitely worse than the left eye, and he recommended glasses as well.  So I wanted a third opinion.  At that point, Ken told me I was just looking for a doctor who would tell me what I wanted to hear...that Cole did not need glasses.


We did take Cole for a third eye appointment and sure enough, the right eye was still bad and he needed glasses.  I walked into that appointment hopeful, but knew that Ken was right.  I was looking for some one to tell me something different...that there was some other solution...that it wasn't my fault.    


However, going into that third appointment, I knew that we needed to do whatever was right for Cole, and I needed to get over my issues.  So this time, I was able to walk out of the doctor's office and straight to the display counter to order Cole's glasses.


I hate to admit that Ken was right, but he was.  I did over react.  It is only glasses.  There are so many parents who are going through such horrible health issues with their children...just look at my fellow blogger Laura!  These parents wish that all they had to do was deal with glasses.  They pray for an easy solution like that.   


So Cole just got his glasses last Friday and he is doing great.  The eye doctor told us we would have a few weeks of him taking his glasses off, but eventually he would want to wear them.  I thought they were insane, but they were right!  Cole took to his glasses right away and wears them all the time...except at meal times for some reason.  Then the glasses become the main course!


Cole's new specs!


The glasses are not stopping Cole!







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  • Cole is so cute with his glasses! And he looks happy! Interesting entry. Thanks!

  • Anita - Thank you! He is doing great.

  • I have 2 boys in glasses & both started early - Seamus at 4, Dylan at 2. They like wearing them & have no issues with other kids. In fact, Seamus now wears sports goggles for his various sports and is so proud of them he keeps them on all day on game/practice days.

    Funnily enough, Seamus had similar birth marks to Cole when he was born. Now, at 8, they're almost all gone except for a little stress part between his eyes.

  • In reply to Keri:

    Keri - Thank you. How did you know to get their vision checked? Do you see improvements in their vision year over year or not? I was told Cole's issue may correct itself, but it may not.

  • fb_avatar

    My baby is 5 months old and we found out today that both of his eyes are a touch lazy so off to find the glasses we went in hopes that they correct the problem and he won't need surgery!!! That made getting the glasses a little easier to swallow! Not sure how I am going to convince my squirmy little man that he needs to wear them but your post gave me hope that he will. The cost was surprising and had me wondering how people that don't have insurance do it. Hope your cutie is still doing well!

  • In reply to Kimberly Aguirre:

    Thank you for reading my entry! Best of luck to you with your baby and glasses. It's amazing...I thought there was no way my little guy would wear glasses, but he did. The doctor said kids will keep the glasses on because they can see better. The only time Cole takes them off is when he wants to wear a mask or look through binoculars. Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

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