Potty Humor

I was going to see my Aunt Leonard for the first time in awhile (ok, her name is Kathleen, but no one goes by a real name in my family). I had my kids make some drawings for her so she could have adorable mementos from them. If I only knew...

One of my offspring (I shall not say which, to protect the guilty), drew an anatomically correct rear end. After we all giggled over the drawing, I noticed the brown crayon being pulled out of the box. Uh oh. 
So, yes, I gave my aunt a drawing by my child of a brown-smeared butt, going #2. I thought for a moment that maybe I should not give this to her, but then remembered to whom I was giving it. It was a no-brainer; she'd love it. We folded it nicely and put her name on it to await delivery.
I'll never forget the look on both my Mom's and her sister's face when they looked at the drawing. It was instantly recognizable.  We laughed. Then laughed some more. Wiped away tears. Leonard finally composed herself and said, "Well, this is the height of hilarity for a 5 year old. I'm over 50 now, when does potty humor stop being funny?" 
I have no idea. 
I was just watching "Funny People" where Seth Rogan told a joke about how you can be having a polite conversation on an airplane with someone, and actively fart as loud as you can, and they won't be able to hear it. I was laughing so hard, I had to pause the dvd. I even laughed again, just re-reading this. What is wrong with me?
I know many (most?) people aren't nearly as amused by these things as I am, and I also know that as a parent, I am completely instilling this into my poor children. I suppose there are worse things to pass along. We do at least have a rule- no potty talk except when in our home, or my sister Aunt Neenie's house (AKA Wendy). They are pretty good about this, but as soon as we enter her house, the butt & fart talk flies.
Zoe even has butt or poop songs, and they're surprisingly catchy, if you can get past the subject. Too bad she can't share them at the school talent show. The kids would LOVE it, the teachers, not so much (at least outwardly).
I think I finally got the kids to stop taking pictures on the computer of their butts. What a treat to come upon those after they were playing so nicely together on the computer. (Especially because Zoe already knows how to email photos she takes, and I fear a knock from the FBI on my door for her distributing butt photos.)

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Sam- at least it's not his butt!

Ay Mama!

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  • I don't think it ever ends! My Dad is the KING of potty humor; he has some potty singles as well! Since they are in Spanish, I will not share the lyrics, but they are hilarious! Lucia LOVES them!

  • I'm with you both, it NEVER stops being funny! Great post, Kelley! :-)

  • Loved this post. I'm not really into potty humor but bowel movements are often discussed at the Belaval's. That's potty humor of another kind. Steve found it weird but after 11 years, he won't share but has gotten used to it. I wonder when Amelia will join the discussion.

  • Okay--too funny post! I loved it! Potty humor--definitely something that goes on in most homes I know. :) I don't know why people think it's so funny. After all, do we ever laugh while we're "involved" in the washroom? So why is it so darn funny on the outside? :) As I write this, I am still laughing about your post. Very funny!

  • Very funny and I can so relate. You just have to laugh at stuff like this. I bet the kids (and you) love the Captain Underpants series. I know we did. I remember the days when my son photocopied his bum and hung the artwork in his room for months. Lovely, I know.

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