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Our home in Kostanai

According to Kazakhstan adoption laws, prospective parents are required to have 15 days of mandatory bonding time with their child before they are allowed to file a petition to adopt that particular child. After those first two whirlwind days of arriving in town, meeting our son, and having our first visit with him, we settled... Read more »

In Like an Ant...

My husband Scott is on strike. Maybe it’s a mission, I can’t tell, but here’s the gist: 1. He refuses to complain about winter 2. He refuses to listen to anyone else complain about it or of being cold, or the snow, or the darkness  He figures, we choose to live here, so accept the... Read more »

The preschool search

Amelia looking her most collegiate “We believe in quick drop off” said the nice, professional owner of the preschool.  “Did I say something wrong?” were his next words, “Your face has completely changed.” He read me like a book. I was about to cry in front of this stranger. I had been able to fake... Read more »

The advantages of being bilingual

As I have been talking about growing up bilingual, I began thinking and analyzing what advantages there are to growing up this way.  I need to be ready when the girls ask me, “Why do I have to speak Spanish?”  Although my reasons may be nerdy or lame, they are valid; being bilingual has really... Read more »

Brothers...Will they EVER get along?

Deciding to have one child was hard enough for me, let alone committing to two.  However, I knew that if we decided to have one child, two would be in my future. This decision came from my experiences growing up.   I am the oldest in a family of three kids.  I have two younger... Read more »

Seasick!- Singing the Wrong Words!

The kids and I were driving in the car the other day listening to satellite radio, and the new song by Yo La Tengo came on. It’s kinda catchy and funny in that the lyric is “We’ve all got something to hide” but the title is “Nothing to Hide”. Well, the kids had heard the... Read more »

Life As We'd Known It Had Changed

Last Week’s Blog > “Friday, April 24th, 2009: Tough & Terrifying Day!” After the first weekend home, we slowly began to adjust to our new routine. Steve and I were exhausted, nervous and apprehensive about our lack of experience caring for a sick child. We were novices, but wanted so desperately to do everything right.... Read more »

In The Meantime, I'm Pregnant

Last Week’s Blog > “Guest Entry: My Mom’s Experience”  As I stated in an earlier blog entry, we found out that I was pregnant with our second child in late February and weeks later, Atia was diagnosed with leukemia. So there I was in the middle of my first trimester, facing the biggest crisis of... Read more »

The Co-Op

Forget you, New York. (Oh, sorry NY family members) There was an article by someone somewhere recently that I was told about second hand, about a group of New York moms bragging that they had started what’s called a ‘Baby Sitting Co-op’ where they watch each others children, and my, aren’t they clever. Blah, blah. ... Read more »

Dental Evil Incarnate

This is the saga of the EVIL tooth. It came to us cloaked as just a normal loose tooth, then… it stayed. Zoe has always been more sensitive about her teeth. The first dentist we visited refused to see her again (jerk). When her first tooth was loose, she freaked out. We called cousin Kelley... Read more »