Twilight: The Edward spell and chocolate covered "besitos de coco"

I remember the days when I had time to read a good book.  I was
up-to-date with all the Garcia Marquez and Isabel Allende books; the
sky was the limit.  Ever since my kids were born, I just don't have
enough time to add a good book to the parenthood equation.  A book
requires downtime, and when the kids are napping I'll rather take a
shower or grab a quick bite; plus I could never stay awake passed 10:00
pm to read, I'd be way too tired the next day at 6:00 am when the kids
wake up.  I honestly thought that I could never start reading again;
that is until I met Edward.

OH MY GOD, what was all
the fuss with the Twilight books?  I couldn't comprehend how women
ranging from 10 to 100 were all reading these vampire books; how stupid,
I thought. What will anyone over twenty could get out of a teenybopper book about freaking vampires?  Please, get a grip ladies; watch
the news, go volunteer, update your facebook page, but don't give me
that vampire crap.  I was getting fed up with my friends.
About two months ago, the kids and I went to
a play date at a friend's house.  We were all talking while the kids
were playing when all of a sudden, the Twilight conversation started. 'Oh, please, not again', I thought to myself.  I was drinking my coffee
while half-listening to these thirty-something women talk about a
fictional-vampire-character.  This is ridiculous. What is it with
these books that have half of the female population going gaga for a
character that doesn't exist?  Like someone has time to read this crap.
As we were leaving our play date, my girl
friend gave me the book and said:  "Just read the first twenty pages,
Nina.  You are going to love it, and you'll get the butterflies!". OK, OK, I guess that I can read the first twenty pages to
see what the big deal is; so I gave in.  This is crazy.
night I read the first twenty pages alright, followed by the rest of
the book!  I read Twilight in one day, immediately followed by New Moon; which I
read in two days.  Like an addict, I bought Eclipse the minute I
finished with the second book.  I couldn't believe myself, I was
behaving like a freaking teenager; daydreaming about a fictional
character, looking for any opportunity to talk about the book.  I was
obsessed and ready to be checked in.

My poor family was the victim of a mother-in-regression.  Who was doing the dishes?  Cooking?  Going to
the gym?  Playing with the kids?  Not me.  I was acting like a sixteen year old for about ten
days.  All I could do was eat, dream, and talk Twilight.  What the hell
happened to me?  The kids were on a strict mac n' cheese diet followed
by hours of Ratatouille, Lazy Town, and the Imagination Movers in the
afternoon, while I was glued to my books.  Enrico was also suffering
the Twilight effects; no good food, no conversation, and obviously, no
S-E-X.  They were all eager to have me back.  I needed to go on an Edward
detox program ASAP.  What did I do?  I started the 4th book to get it over
with.  I had to get back to my family.

Thank God I didn't like the 4th book as much as the first three; and
the obsession finally ceased.  The mother-gone-teenager was back.

All of a sudden I realized that my family needed a special treat, after all the mac n' cheese intake during my Edward spell. 
Plus, I needed to win Enrico back after ditching him for my book crush.  

Today, and just in time for Valentine's Day, I am sharing with you the decadent recipe that broke the spell and brought me back to reality.  Trust me, everyone will love it.  Enjoy!

Chocolate covered "besitos de coco" (coconut kisses) - Prepare to indulge!



-3 cups grated coconut  (bagged shredded coconut will do)
-1/2 cup all purpose flour
-4 egg yolks
-1 cup brown sugar
-4 Tbsp. butter (room temperature)
-2 tsp. vanilla extract
-1 cup semi sweet chocolate morsels



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  • Me voy al colmado corriendo!!!! Vamos a ver si me salen los besitos de coco.

  • Viste que bellos? Y saben BRUTALES! Please, please, let me know how it goes! Un besote y gracias por seguir el blog!

  • Que comico! A la verdad que esos libros han obsesionado a mucha gente. Y los besitos de cocos se ven riquisimos!

  • In reply to KhadineKubal:

    Gracias! You know it's true, todas caimos en las redes de Edward!

  • Can I just say...your story was ME, three months ago. I once had no interest in the Twilight series, thought all these people were crazy; I'm a literature teacher, who teaches works like The Great Gatsby and concepts like transcendentalism. These books couldn't POSSIBLY compare. Plus, I couldn't find the time. Then...I went away to a girls' weekend for my 40th. We happened to be in Seattle. Two of the ladies with me talked about the series, talked about the desire to visit Forks, which was only about an hour and half ride, across the Sound from Seattle. It was right there, right in their grasps! They could see the mountains right from my sister-in-law's home! So sad...we didn't make it to Forks, but I did get home and had to find out what all the fuss was about. Needless to say, my family lost me for the next three weeks. :)

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    Thanks for reading, Anita! I fell for Edward, I really did - This is NOT an exaggeration! I was completely in LOVE, with the butterflies and everything :) Thanks for sharing your part of the story!

  • In reply to NinaGoyco:

    I don't know if I was in love in Edward, but I know it was certainly a very obsessive lust...lust...oooh...good old lust...that's for sure!

  • Asi mismo me paso este fin de semana cuando vi las peliculas. Ahora mi prima me va a prestar los libros. Yo tambien no puede entender que le fascinaba la gente tanto, hasta ahora. Y los besitos se ven tan deliciosos, voy hacer los este fin de semana. Gracias por la risa y la receta.

  • In reply to Maruca:

    Gracias por leer el blog, Maruca. DEJA QUE EMPIECES...Los libros son una adiccion de primera! You will fall in love with him - Te lo aseguro!

  • In reply to Maruca:

    Nina, TE LO DIJE! Jajajaja! Bueno, pero difiero contigo en algo...a nosotros si nos ayudo la saga con el S-E-X, nunca esta demas un poco de "vampiro" trasbastidores! Gracias por la receta de los besitos de coco, yum, yum!

  • In reply to fruiz73:

    Nena, I totally ditch him for Edward *sigh* Jajaja Gracias por tu feedback y SOBRETODO por recomendarme le libro!

  • In reply to fruiz73:

    Nina I am a loyal reader of "Ay Mama" and I must say you are my favorite blogger. Thank you for sharing your stories through laughs, recipes, and wisdom...

    Mi meta es cocinar todas las recetas featured en tu blog...wish me luck!'Ay mama'

  • In reply to vavila3:

    Vanessa, you made my day! Thank you for reading our blog and for making me your personal favorite - I'm touched! Please let me know how the recipes go. I have a friend that after today's entry went straight to the supermarket and made the besitos de coco :) Good luck making all the recipes and please, keep me posted! Gracias!

  • In reply to vavila3: always, excellent! I like the story, after reading all your comments, you should get Di involved on the Twilight revolution...having tried many of your recipes, this is one we definitely need to try as I have never had your "besitos de coco"...thanks for another great laugh!

  • In reply to eduardo138:

    Eduardo, first of all, thanks for reading the Ay Mama! blog! Twilight just captivated me; it was like a drug - Just ask Enrico, I think that he was a tiny bit jealous of Edward! Please, try the besitos de coco, you will love them! Easy to make and just delicious!

  • In reply to eduardo138:

    Hola Nina, entiendo perfectamente la sensaci

  • In reply to francesfernandez:

    Gracias por leer el blog, Frances! Fijate que tengo una amiga, que el marido estaba FELIZ con Edward, pues justamente fue una regresion hormonal a la adolescencia! Estaba feliz ese esposo! Los besitos quedaron riquisimos!

  • In reply to francesfernandez:

    I feel like this particular blog was a little therapy session for me. My name is Sarah and I am also in love with a fictional character named Edward. LOL! I was also skeptical about the appeal of the saga but was immediately swept off my feet a chapter into the first book. It came to the point where my husband started to hide my book! I read on the train to and from work, going up and down escalators and probably posing a serious safety threat to myself and the rest of the city of Chicago! Thanks so much for sharing your story... I hope some Twilight virgins out there reading your blog are inspired now to pick up the book & meet Edward too. You will get butterflies!

  • In reply to sgraziani:

    Thanks for reading, Sarah! You crack me up - But I was like that too!!! Edward...*sigh* A high school friend told me that her husband was also VERY jealous and she said "Talk to me when you sparkle, OK?" - Too funny! This book was all about the butterflies :)

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