The beating

I was a victim of a beating on a public parking lot on Tuesday afternoon. The perpetrator pulled my ponny tail, slapped my face and kick me in the gut, all at the same time. It helped that she was less than 3 feet tall and I was carrying her in my arms. Yes, the attacker was my soon to be 2 year old daughter.

My human instincts wanted to take control of me. How do you usually react if someone is pounding you for no apparent reason. As I held her hands, she aimed for my arm with her mouth. I kept telling myself "this is your baby girl. She has no idea what she's doing. She's frustrated and has no other way to explain it". The other half of my brain said "F%^* that. Someone is beating the crap out of me in a parking lot. I'm taking my earrings off and punching back". I didn't even call the police on her which would be what I would have done if someone other than the fruit of my loins was kicking my ass.

I sat her on the sidewalk and told her to calm down, that she couldn't hit me and that she needed to say she was sorry. With tears in her eyes she apologized "I'm sowy Mama". So I picked my baby back up and it was like she heard a bell. "Ding" Second round started. By the time we got to the car, my hair was a mess, I had scratches in my arms. I caught a glimpse of myself on the car's window and saw this beaten woman with this unruly cave person in her arms.

I sat her in the car seat and drove her to her Gymboree class. Because that is what you do as a Mom, get the shit kicked out of you as you try to do something nice for your kid. Ay Mama!

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  • haha! You crack me up!

  • THANK YOU ANA! You have totally captured the feeling perfectly! Having to reign in those reactive feelings of defending yourself when it's your own child... man oh man! no one tells you about THAT, do they??? Love your blog!!

  • In reply to sherimcdonald:

    I'm so glad you enjoyed it Sheri. Please keep reading and commenting. I love the feedback.

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