Our family has decided to follow an old McCarron family tradition and vacation in northern Michigan every summer. We eat cherries with every meal, as a snack, before bed. We dream about cherries. We plan out our day to visit a different cherry farm stand and debate whose are better. We even make up recipes with cherries like this one:
Pit your cherries
stuff with homemade fudge (or chocolate chips)
*you can stop here and enjoy or proceed*
add to pancake batter
cook as you would a normal pancake (you know what to do)
our friend Joan named them "Cherry-Covered-Chocolate Pancakes" (insert Homer Simpson drool here). 
I have no idea why I am torturing myself by even thinking about summer, sun, pancakes and beaches. Maybe it's because we've gotten cherries from Chile lately from their own summer (is it wrong to be currently jealous of an entire hemisphere?). And here I sit, in my flannel PJs, day dreaming about our vacation, when I started to giggle. It was just about one of those kid things, where you get a glimpse into how their little minds work and how they sometimes view this world we live in, but it still made me smile.
One vacation day, as we were heading to the beach, Zoe (6) was reading the warnings on a pool toy, and asked me, "Mom, what does Supervision mean?" 
I told her, "Well, it means a grown-up should be with you when you play with that toy."
She replied with a dejected, "Oh."
Curious now, I asked, "Well, what did you think it meant?" 
"I thought I'd be like a super hero and see really great when I was playing with this."
A few hours later, I overheard her saying, "With my Supervision, I'm gonna kick the bad guys' butts!"
If you have one of your own favorite kids saying or "Bird's Words" (my nickname) as my Dad calls em, please to add your own. Now, go make some pancakes with cherries from Chile, and as our old pal Moose A. Moose from Noggin sings, "Believe in spring, its on its way." It HAS to be, right?
 .Zoe in MI

Zoe at the Traverse City Cherry Festival


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  • Michigan rocks! We don't summer up in Traverse City, but we do have a small summer cottage in SE Michigan where there are cherry, blueberry and pear farms, just to name a few. You can't go wrong with any of those MI fruits! It is the fruit capital of the Midwest and last time I checked, in the nation! We love it! You got me thinking all about yummy summer fruits. :)

  • In reply to anitarudite:

    It was my first trip up north, and the kids & I fell in love. Maybe this year we'll seek out some pear and blueberries too. Yum!

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    Cute! This entry is featured on today's "Hot on ChicagoNow:"

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    Mmmm....that cherry pancake recipe sounds good! I'll definitely have to try it out. I'm sure Dylan will LOVE them! :-)

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