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Zoe & Sam on NC beach

Sam & Zoe in NC

I have to quote David Byrne from "Once in a Lifetime" by saying, "Well, how did I get here?" A question my husband Scott and I have pondered frequently. I have known him since college. We spent our 20's  living in various apartments on the north side of Chicago which ranged from OK, to kinda seedy, to "sucking in ways that don't matter to us" (a huge, cold Greystone with such a crappy kitchen, we outsourced our food preparation and chose from any style or nationality. It was heaven, and cold).

When we finally moved on up to our de-luxe two bedroom loft in the sky (alas, Pencil Factory, how I still miss thee), we were set. Great place, good jobs, fantastic friends. UNTIL, when I was 30, that biological clock finally made it's first, ever-so-faint 'tick'. Well, after two years of trying on our own with monthly upset, something went right, and we had Zoe. The light of our lives. I was fortunate enough to quit my job and raise her in the city. Two years later, I happily got pregnant again.

Now, raising a baby in a loft is no easy feat. We had to be quiet when she went to bed. You could hear everything. I could hear her breathing change from my bedroom and knew she was up and hungry. (Mom Ears) So, with the imminent arrival of our second, we had to do the unthinkable. MOVE. Leave our beloved loft. Our city. We painfully realized that with a baby you just don't appreciate all the city has to offer anymore, like bars, concerts, traffic, or almost any event. We wanted great local schools, notably cheaper houses, space, and well, to have Scott's commute be a steady 30 minute ride instead of the 45 minute to 2 hour nightmare that is The Edens/Kennedy. It was time. 

We moved when I was 8 months pregnant. That is how badly we wanted to stay in the city. Now we have the house, a yard with tire swings, amazing schools, and neighbors who care WAY more for their lawn then I do (hey, at least I'll mow the front lawn to keep up appearances!). Zoe is 7 and Sam is 5 (yes, we are SO done). My husband and I, after 19 years together, still really adore each other- and we're in the middle of a DIY kitchen renovation, I don't say that lightly. 

So, this Cubs fan, Social Club football playing, Bears season ticket holding, bike riding, Indie Rocking 40-year-old is now a fully entrenched, NW suburban Mom. I am an avid gardener, Book Clubber, Bunco player, and even a member of not one, but two PTAs. 

Seriously, how did I get here? 

Tire Swing

our tire swing


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  • I ask myself the very same question all the time!!! Sometimes it seems surreal to me... my life in the suburbs. Thanks for sharing... I could identify with a lot of what you said! I look forward to future blogs...

  • My possible life very soon. I think I need to stop holding on and take the dive into a different happiness.

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