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I started the Ay Mama! blog on my own about 2 summers ago. My daughter Amelia was 8 months old and I decided it was time to share with others my impressions on motherhood, not because I'm an expert but because I needed support. Many women grow up with the idea that as soon as the baby is born, motherhood will ooze from your pores. Well in my case it didn't and I felt alone, guilty and inadequate.

What saved me, besides the love of my husband and daughter, were my friends. That is why when Chicago Now suggested I invited some friends to take part of the blog, I didn't hesitate. These four women represent the best part of having girlfriends.  I'll tell you how I  met them in the order in which they will write:

Laura will write on Tuesdays. She's one of my first Mommy friends. Our daughters Atia and Amelia were in the same Gymboree class. Laura simply amazes me. No matter what life has thrown at her and her family, Laura takes the time to find out how you are doing and genuinely cares. She is not afraid to tell you that she's scared or worried about Atia ,but then she gathers strength and plows through.

Nina will write on Wednesdays. I've known her and her husband Enrico since high school in Puerto Rico. Nina is the life of any party, any meeting, hell, any conversation. She is grounded, wise beyond her years, sharp and funny. She can cook like the best of them and still keep an amazing figure. She better share that secret, right?

Lisa will blog on Thursdays.  In our house, she is BFL--best friend Lisa. She started as my husband's best friend (grooms person in our wedding) but he claims I've stolen her from him, and I have. She is one of my best friends and confidant. Lisa is a great listener, doesn't judge others (even meat eaters, which she is not) and is very creative.  She's full of life and a go getter, just like me. Plus one of Amelia's favorite Aunties.

Kelley is your lady on Fridays. This is another friend I owe to my husband. I love Kelley (we call her Bird). I want to be Kelley. She has to be one of the coolest women, moms and wives I know. Kelley has 2 kids but you can tell that she still knows who she is. Plus, she knows and loves sports but doesn't find weird that I don't.  And, during my first baby crisis, when Amelia wouldn't stop crying, Kelley talked me off the ledge and gave me some kick ass gas drops. I will never forget that.

So, as you can see, we are all different women with motherhood in common. We can dish it and we can take it so please, please feel free to comment, question and suggest. Oh and I forgot, we are all pretty too!  Ay Mama!


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  • You crack me up, Ana! Thanks for the introductions; very nice :) And again, thank you letting me be a part of it!


  • Love this blog! Wish you all would have been around when I gave birth. First 2 months were SCARY! And still, to this day, every once in a while, I will catch my husband looking at me as if I needed some serious amount of therapy. Thanks & keep up the good work!!

  • In reply to johannarive:

    We probably all need therapy but wine helps a lot. Thank you Joha for reading.

  • In reply to johannarive:

    Welcome to Chicago Now! Since I blog from home while riding herd over a 5-year-old, a 3-year-old and a baby, I'll definitely be reading!

  • In reply to CarrieKirby:

    Thanks Carrie. Three kids. How do you do it? Yes, please keep reading. Thanks for your support.

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