Beginning Our Adoption Journey

My name is Khadine Kubal and I grew up in San Juan, Puerto Rico (literally across the street from Nina Goyco, our Wednesday mom) and my husband and I have lived in the Western Suburbs of Chicago for almost six years now. I am very excited to join the Ay Mama! team and be able to share some of my experiences with you. 


I am a 31-year-old writer and the proud stay-at-home mom of my very loud, very happy, VERY energetic 2 ½ year old son, Dylan. My husband Bill I are also hoping to add another child to our family in the very near future. Dylan is--of course--the center of our worlds, especially because it took us so long to have a child.



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My little guy, Dylan (2 1/2)

My journey to motherhood began over seven years ago, and it would ultimately take me to the other side of the world. Let me tell you how it all began..After trying to get pregnant for several years, Bill and I decided to adopt a child from Colombia. In the spring of 2006, we applied to an agency, and soon received notification that we had been put on the waiting list for a 3-12 month old infant from an orphanage in Cali. We were beyond thrilled! We settled down for the yearlong waiting period, dreaming about our child, reading up on Colombia, and starting to purchase toys and other items for our new baby.

 Almost exactly 12 months from the day we got approved for Colombia, our agency called. This is it, I thought. Our referral. But our case manager's voice on the other line was all wrong, and my heart sank as she informed us that the laws had changed in Colombia, and it would probably take an additional two years before we'd receive a referral. We were devastated.


Once we allowed ourselves a few weeks of mourning, we started looking at our options. We could either stick it out with Colombia for two more years, or we could look at other countries our agency worked with and switch programs. I immediately zoned in on the Kazakhstan program, (mainly due to the fact that at the time their waiting period was fairly short) and just a few weeks later, in November of 2007, we submitted our paperwork to the Kazakhstan Embassy. We were approved in less than a week, but our excitement quickly diminished when we were informed that the waiting period had been extended to 8-12 months from approval. It was a bitter disappointment to us, but we could not afford to switch programs again, so we just had to stick out the wait.


Imagine our surprise when--after only two months of waiting and almost exactly two years ago today--we received the telephone call we had dreamed about for so long. On   February 1, 2008, we received our invitation to travel to Kazakhstan. We were finally going to be parents!


(To be continued...)

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  • I still get goosebumps reading your story, Khadine!

  • Wow! I can't wait to hear the rest Khadine! I've always wanted to adopt, as well. So, I can't wait to hear all about your experience.

  • I remember this time of year & the start of this fabulous story very well. Can't wait to keep reading, Khadine! (And what a great pic of Dylan!)

  • Muy bonito. Mi qued

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Thank you, everyone! I am really enjoying writing about our adoption adventure, and can't wait to share the next installment with you!

  • In reply to Valmir:

    Hi Khadine! I am enjoying your blog. I write the Portrait Of An Adoption blog on Chicago Now, and it is really nice to see another adoptive mom's story. Good luck to you and I'll keep reading!

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