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Let's talk about sex

Dear Mel, My boyfriend whom I’ve been dating for three months now wants to have sex. I don’t really want to do that with him just yet, but I’m worried that he might break up with me or think I’m a prude. I know this is a pretty cliche question… I’ve looked at lots of... Read more »

Keep your distance from him

Dear Mel, How can I keep myself from feeling sad when I run into a boy who hurt me? I see him almost three times a week. -Hurt photo courtesy of andrea.rose Dear Hurt, I think the best thing to do for the time being is to avoid him. Don’t try to be friends quite... Read more »

Getting over him

Dear Mel, It’s me again, the one who wrote to you last week about the guy I had real feelings for. Well, I told him how I felt. We were both wrong – he doesn’t feel that way about me anymore. After years and years of him pining over me, I never thought that this... Read more »

Embrace your curls

Dear Mel, Yesterday my mom got mad at me and broke my straightener… I would leave it out and she was afraid it would catch on fire. So she got really mad she broke it. My hair is super curly and I used to straighten it every day, I hate having to wear it curly.... Read more »

Look for someone your own age

Dear Mel, Ok there’s this guy at my church, I really like him but he’s 5 years older than me. Is that ok? I never talk to him because I get too nervous and I think he will ignore me cause he’s the funny weird type! I really don’t know what 2 do. And even... Read more »

Let him down easy

Dear Mel, So, at my school there’s this guy I know. Three of my friends have told me that he really likes me but he’s never told me himself before. I don’t like him back. Should I tell him that he doesn’t have a chance? -Not Into Him Dear Not Into Him, Let me get... Read more »

Guy likes girl

Dear Mel, I’m going to homecoming with this girl, and I really like her but she thinks that we are just going “as friends”. I’m afraid that I’ll come on too strong. Tips? -Her Date Dear Her Date, Does this girl know that you like her, or is she completely oblivious?  If she knows, then... Read more »