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Let's talk about sex

Dear Mel, My boyfriend whom I’ve been dating for three months now wants to have sex. I don’t really want to do that with him just yet, but I’m worried that he might break up with me or think I’m a prude. I know this is a pretty cliche question… I’ve looked at lots of... Read more »

Crushed (like an empty soda can)

Dear Mel, So there’s this guy. He’s my age and we’ve known each other since we were really little. For years, he liked me. A lot. But I only saw him as one of my best friends. Everything ended when I screwed up and rejected him six months ago. I hurt him and he cut... Read more »

I like him but he likes... her?

Dear Mel, I like this one guy but there is a problem: he likes another girl. I’m confused about how to go about getting him to notice me instead of her. -Crushing photo courtesy of Sara Alfred Dear Crushing, I’ve given this piece of advice many times before: out-do the other girl. Does she have... Read more »

Look for someone your own age

Dear Mel, Ok there’s this guy at my church, I really like him but he’s 5 years older than me. Is that ok? I never talk to him because I get too nervous and I think he will ignore me cause he’s the funny weird type! I really don’t know what 2 do. And even... Read more »

"Why didn't you call me last night?"

Dear Mel, Lately, I’ve been having some trouble with my boyfriend. He always says he will call me when he gets off work but he never does. Usually, I’ll confront him the next day, but he just says that he was too tired after a hard shift. I don’t know if this should be turned... Read more »