Baby daddies... and stuff

Dear Mel,

I really like this boy, but there's just one problem - he has a baby. The mother and him are still close, but they aren't dating or anything. I am a senior in high school and he's a sophomore in college. However, he is taking classes at a community college nearby to where I live, so we aren't far apart. In addition, he frequently asks me to babysit, which I have no problem with seeing as I love kids, but my friend said that it isn't a good idea. But I really do like him and I think our relationship could grow. I want to go to a big school next year but I would reconsider that if things go well. Maybe a community college isn't so bad. What do you think?
-Falling For Him
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Dear Falling For Him,

The fact that you even e-mailed this question to me at all shows that you know something is wrong with this situation. Very, very wrong.
Do not waste your time on this guy. No matter how funny or sweet or charming he is, there will always be someone better. Someone who won't ask you to babysit his own child. Seriously, that's a big no-no - he shouldn't be asking you to do that. It's not your baby. 
Secondly, he has a baby. That alone says he is irresponsible. Nineteen-year-olds should be smart enough to use protection by now. Right? Wrong. Apparently, he wasn't that smart.
I know I sound harsh, but I'm worried that I'll be the only one to drill some sense into you. The last bone I have to pick with this little sitch is what you said about college. Community college? Really? You're willing to give up your dreams for a baby daddy? Girl, get your head out of the clouds and face the facts: a baby daddy is not a good idea.
On a lighter note, maybe you'll meet a sugar daddy when you get to that big university. Cheers to that.

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