What to do if you don't get into your dream school

Dear Mel,

I've always wanted to go to the University of Illinois. 
I applied 2 months ago, and I will hear back from them on December 17th. I'm super nervous. I don't know whether to expect an acceptance or rejection or waitlisting or what. Basically, I am freaking out. What do I do if I don't get in? I've got a 50/50 shot.
-Hoping for UofI
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Dear Hoping for UofI,

I, too, am hoping for an acceptance from UofI come December 17th. 
However, when I say hoping, I don't necessarily mean expecting.
Here's the thing you've gotta remember: always expect the worst. Why? Well, expecting the best only leads to one big, messy letdown. If you expect an acceptance, then you will be crushed beyond belief if you happen to get denied. But if you expect a rejection, then the possibility of not getting in won't seem so scary. 
If you don't get into UofI, then you're not supposed to go there. And that's that. God has a plan for you that may not make sense in the moment, but in the end, it always does. So keep your expectations low and try not to fall apart if you don't get in.
If I don't get in, my plan is this: eat chocolate, ice cream, and Chipotle until I feel better. In that order.
Let's hope we both get accepted, for the sake of our arteries.

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