Dateless in Chicago

Dear Mel,

Homecoming is this weekend and I'm not sure if I should go or not. I do not have a date and almost all of my friends have dates. Without a guy to go with, I don't see a point in going. What do you think?
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photo courtesy of OakleyOriginals

Dear Dateless,

You don't need a boy to have a fun night! Go with your friends, get dressed up, and dance the night away. But seriously - not going will make you look almost cowardly, and no girl wants that. 
Besides, you said that ALMOST all of your friends have dates. That means not every single one of them does. Stick to the ones that don't, because single ladies have more fun, anyways.
Staying home on HC will only make you miserable. As enjoyable as watching endless movies is, a dance is much more exciting.
Forget about what other people think and go have a ball.

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