Top 5 Ways to Determine if You're Too Young for Cosmetic Surgery

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1.  Are you skeletally mature (i.e., done growing)?

Rhinoplasty or any bony or cartilaginous procedure performed prior to the completion of growth can have adverse consequences on subsequent growth and development.

2.  Are you emotionally mature enough to make this decision at this time?  

Younger patients are in the midst of undergoing a myriad of physical, developmental, and hormonal changes that have created their own emotional 'perfect storm'.  Does it make any sense to add additional stress to the mix by considering cosmetic surgery at this time?

3.  Are your breasts fully developed?

If not, any breast surgery at this time could impair the completion of normal breast development and affect normal breast function down the road.

4.  Do you believe that cosmetic surgery will solve all your problems at this time?

Because it won't.  You would be better served by first addressing other issues in your life, resolving those, and then reassessing your reasons for pursuing cosmetic surgery (applies to adults, as well.)

5.  Are you considering cosmetic surgery to correct or improve a specific feature with which you are dissatisfied?

If you are considering surgery to please someone else or for any other reason (e.g., to obtain better grades) you will be very disappointed(applies to adults, as well.)  The best cosmetic surgery patient is one with a specific area of the body that they wish to modify or improve, and one who has realistic goals and expectations.  Such patients will also be the among the happiest post-operatively.

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