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Playgrounds for Elders: A Great Idea with a Horrible Name

Several years ago, I visited my great aunt who had recently moved into a nursing home. I was accompanied by my father and uncle, neither of which was very, um, enthusiastic about the potential indignities of long-term care. As we wound our way through the old hallways, we found we could walk through the dining... Read more »

The Alzheimer’s Association International Conference: Balancing Hope with Realism

Alas, I was not able to attend the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Vancouver this month, but I did follow it closely on the organization’s website. The event attracted over 4,300 scientists, physicians, and other professionals in the Alzheimer’s community who gathered to discuss findings from their most recent batches of research. If your eyes... Read more »

Yes, You Can Be a Caregiver and Exercise Too!

I learned a valuable lesson last week when my husband and I spent time in Florida visiting my parents. I learned that engaging in regular exercise can be a delight instead of a chore. One key is to relax your idea of how exercise should occur. Another key is to make it fun so it... Read more »