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Six Easy Steps to a Self-Care Plan for the Holidays

Let’s face it – the holidays aren’t always bright and cheerful, especially if you are a caregiver. While some aspects of the holidays can bring comfort and connection to those who are caregiving, the holidays also require a lot of energy – something in short supply in a caregiver’s life. Holidays can also invoke memories... Read more »

Yes, You Can Be a Caregiver and Exercise Too!

I learned a valuable lesson last week when my husband and I spent time in Florida visiting my parents. I learned that engaging in regular exercise can be a delight instead of a chore. One key is to relax your idea of how exercise should occur. Another key is to make it fun so it... Read more »

Nutrition Tips for Caregivers On the Go

I have a confession to make. In graduate school, I was an atrocious eater. My two main food groups were coffee and Cheez-Its. I snuck cellophane packets of bologna into the library so I could eat “quiet” food while studying. At three o’clock in the morning, tater tots were my friends. I did not eat... Read more »