Raise Alzheimer’s Awareness on Your Rear End

Of your car, that is.

Kudos to the Greater Illinois Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and the Illinois legislature for working together to raise Alzheimer’s funds and awareness at the same time. They came up with an ingenious way to do it – via specialty license plates.

(c) Alzheimer's Association

(c) Alzheimer's Association

On August 9, the legislature passed House Bill 2822, which created an Alzheimer’s Awareness Fund as a special fund within the State treasury. The fund will be financed through applications for issuances of special Alzheimer’s Awareness license plates at $25 a pop.

The plate design is still “under construction,” but you can bet on it being purple, the signature color of Alzheimer’s awareness. It will look cool on your rear end – trust me.

I love this idea because it’s so visible. Think about your typical driving experience in Illinois; you spend hours staring at the rear ends of vehicles, don’t you? Especially if you commute into Chicago on a daily basis. Even if you are glassy-eyed and haven’t consumed enough coffee yet, seeing one of these license plates in a morning traffic jam just might plant a seed in your brain about the urgency of finding a cure for Alzheimer’s.

So check it out. The Alzheimer’s Awareness Fund will help the Greater Illinois Chapter expand its reach in providing care, support, education, and awareness initiatives. Click here to find out how to order your plate.

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