Caregiver Action Network is the New and Improved National Family Caregivers Association

Throughout my many years of working with caregivers, I’ve consulted the website of the National Family Caregivers Association myriad times. The organization is well-established as a leader in advocating for caregivers as well as providing good information for those who find themselves in this ever challenging role.

Courtesy of Manatee County Government
Courtesy of Manatee County Government

Yet despite the organization’s prowess and accomplishments, it had the foresight to identify that its website – and even its name – needed some upgrades. And so, to my delight, I visited its website the other day only to find that it was now the Caregiver Action Network and that its website was sleek, easy to use, and chock full of new and improved resources for caregivers.

Here are some highlights:

  • Pathways for all kinds of caregivers. On the home page, you can choose the situation that most closely matches yours – a new caregiver, a long-distance caregiver, a caregiver also juggling a job, etc. Your choice then takes you to a host of resources tailored to your circumstances.
  • Family caregiver forum. Here’s a safe place for you to connect with other caregivers to share support and advice. It’s ideal for caregivers who don’t have time or access to a support group or who prefer online communication.
  • Peer network. The organization’s Caregiver Community Action Network includes over 100 volunteers in more than 40 states who are available to provide localized advice, information, and support.
  • Story project. Share your own story and read the stories of others to open yourself to the idea that you are not alone as well as to learn how other caregivers have handled difficult challenges. A particularly cool feature is that you can search for stories by state and caregiving situation.
  • Family caregiver toolbox. Tips, questionnaires, booklets, and organization tools are all available here.
  • Links to agencies and organizations. Find other caregiver organizations, home care agencies, advocacy organizations, senior living options, respite resources, and disease-specific websites here.

By the way, all of these features and resources are free. I highly recommend that you check out the new Caregiver Action Network website. Then come back and tell me what you think!

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